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Who is Juan Pujadas?
He is the advisory leader.
Who is Greg Garrison?
He is the assurance leader.
Who is Gene Donnelly?
He is the vice chairman of operations.
Who is Rick Stamm?
He is the tax leader.
Four competencies related to quality are:
Focusing on the client, demostrating courage and integrity, communicating with impact, and acquiring and applying technical expertise.
Four competencies related to profitable growth are:
Building and substaining relationships, change ability, and managing projects and economics.
What are the three values of PwC?
The three values of PwC are teamwork, excellence, and leadership.
What are the 10 Core Competencies focused around?
They are focused around people, quality, and profitable growth.
What does a SMART goal include?
Specific – Detailed description of the goal and actionable steps
Measurable – Tangible evidence of completion
Accountable – Be clear about how you will be held responsible for attaining the goal
Realistic – Be sure that the goal is attainable given available resources and time
Time bound – Specify a timeframe or completion date for attaining the goal
What is the year at a glance?
It includes the Development Plan, Periodic Feedback, and an annual summary.
What does PwC mean by coaching?
Coaching is a developmental partnership based on shared responsibility between Coaches and the individuals they coach (Coachees), designed to promote and support the individuals’ professional development and personal achievement.
Who is Greg Garrison?
This is the managing partner