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I HAVE.... Energy that is generated or made is called electricity.

Who HAS.... What runs mills that produce energy?
I HAVE..... The flow of water and wind run mills to produce energy.

WHO HAS....Types of fossil fuels?
I HAVE.... All living things and natural processes on Earth need energy.

WHO HAS....Natural sources of energy?
I HAVE.... Natural sources of energy are sunlight, wind and fossil fuels

WHO HAS....An example of energy that is generated (made)?
I HAVE.... We can conserve materials by being careful how things are used and not wasting them.

WHO HAS....How we can keep habitats safe for living things?
I HAVE....We can keep habitats safe for living things when we carefully oversee and protect, or manage, habitats.

WHO HAS....How we can manage species monitoring?
I HAVE.... Examples of renewable resources are sun, wind, and water.

WHO HAS....Why we have to be careful about how much water we use at a time?
I HAVE....We have to be careful with how much water we use because the supply of water doesn't change and we have to renew it through the water cycle.

WHO HAS....The term for resources that take longer than a human lifetime to replace?
I HAVE..... A powerful form of energy that uses a very small amount of fuel is nuclear energy.

WHO HAS.....The term for a resource that can be replenished in our lifetime?
I HAVE.....A resource that can be replenished in our lifetime is a renewable resource.

WHO HAS.....Examples of renewable resources?
I HAVE....Oil (petroleum), coal, natural gas are types of fossil fuels.

WHO HAS.... How fossil fuels are formed?
I HAVE.... Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of plants and animals that lived and died long ago.

WHO HAS....What happens to plant and animal remains over time?
I HAVE....Harmful gases are sent into the air by cars, incinerators, coal-burning power plants and factories.

WHO HAS....What litter is an example of?
I HAVE....Litter is an example of pollution.

WHO HAS.....Some ways that we can protect animals, plants and their habitats?
I HAVE....An example of species monitoring is counting the number of eagles nesting in an area over a period of time.

WHO HAS....The source of almost all heat and light energy on Earth?
I HAVE.... The sun is the source of almost all heat and light energy.

WHO HAS....What do all living things and natural processes on Earth need?
I HAVE....When people pollute, it destroys habitats and harms organisms (living things).

WHO HAS....What happens when oil, fertilizers, & factory wastes are dumped or washed into water?
I HAVE....When oil, fertilizers, and factory wastes are dumped in water, it becomes polluted and poisoned for living things in the water.

WHO HAS....Examples of sending harmful gases into the air that make the air unhealthy?
I HAVE....Natural soil erosion leaves less rich soil behind for crops and other plants to grow in.

WHO HAS....The term for natural disasters that are so huge that an ecosystem cannot recover from them?
I HAVE....A catastrophic disaster is so huge that the ecosystem cannot recover.

WHO HAS....Examples of how people change habitats?
I HAVE....Nonrenewable resources take longer than a human lifetime to replace.

WHO HAS....An example of a nonrenewable resource?
I HAVE.... Nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline.

WHO HAS....What do humans and natural influences have an effect on?
I HAVE....People change habitats by building roads, shopping centers and homes.

WHO HAS....What happens when habitats change?
I HAVE....When habitats change, soil erosion can happen. Also, there is less space for plants and animals to grow. Animals can be endangered if there are no protected areas or parks.

WHO HAS....What happens when people pollute air,land,and water with harmful chemicals & wastes?
I HAVE....An example of resource renewal is protecting endangered plants by saving their seeds, growing them indoors,& putting plants in their natural habitats.

WHO HAS....The term for a conservation practice that protects the habitat of plants and animals?
I HAVE.....A conservation practice that protects plant and animal habitats is called habitat management.

WHO HAS....An example of habitat management?
I HAVE....An example of habitat management is setting up parks or areas where no one is allowed to build houses, hunt, or collect plants & animals.

WHO HAS....The term for a conservation practice that records the number of a certain species in a particular area & tracks them over time?
I HAVE.... Species monitoring is a conservation practice that records the number of species in an area over time.

WHO HAS....An example of species monitoring?
I HAVE....After a natural disaster, some seeds will only grow after being exposed to the extreme heat of a forest fire.

WHO HAS....The term for loss of topsoil by running water or wind?
I HAVE.... Natural soil erosion is the loss of topsoil by running water or wind.

WHO HAS....What happens during natural soil erosion?
I HAVE....Over time, plant and animal remains change into energy rich fuels.

WHO HAS....Where you can find fossil fuels?
I HAVE.... You can find fossil fuels under the ground

WHO HAS....Why do we use natural energy sources?
I HAVE....Humans and nature can affect how well organisms(living things)survive in their environments.

WHO HAS....Examples of natural disasters that can kill animals and plants or destroy their homes?
I HAVE.... Natural disasters are fire, flood, drought, disease, erosion, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

WHO HAS....An example of organisms that will only grow after a natural disaster?
I HAVE....We use natural energy sources to produce electricity, to cook food, and to warm our homes.

WHO HAS....What do some energy sources do less than others?
I HAVE.... Some cost less to run and cause less pollution than others do.

WHO HAS....A very powerful form of energy that uses a very small amount of fuel?
I HAVE....We can protect habitats when we make and enforce laws against hunting & pollution. We can not allow roads and buildings to be built in protected areas.

WHO HAS....What it means to conserve?
I HAVE....To conserve means to carefully use and preserve (save)something.

WHO HAS....How we can conserve materials?
I HAVE....We can manage species monitoring when we observe organisms and collect data on their types and numbers to be sure they are surviving.

WHO HAS....A conservation practice in which species(groups of plants and animals) are protected?
I HAVE.... Groups of plants and animals are protected in resource renewal.
WHO HAS....An example of resource renewal?