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I HAVE....these adaptations help animals respond to life's needs.
WHO HAS....What are some instinctive animal behaviors?
I HAVE....gathering & storing food, finding shelter, self defense, raising young, hibernation,& migration.
WHO HAS....Some learned animal behaviors?
I HAVE....knowing the best place to find food would be an example of this type of behavior.
WHO HAS....How do animals learn new behaviors?
I HAVE....animals learn by experience with their environment and by being taught.
WHO HAS....What is an instinctive behavior?
I HAVE....Things an animal knows how to do naturally without being taught to do them.
WHO HAS....Why do some animals hibernate?
I HAVE....animals do this behavior because of seasonal changes.
WHO HAS....Why so some animals migrate?
I HAVE....animals do this behavior due to seasonal changes or a change in food supply.
WHO HAS....What is camouflage?
I HAVE....having coloring that helps an animal hide in its surroundings.
WHO HAS....What is mimicry?
I HAVE....looking or sounding like another animal.
WHO HAS....What are some examples of an animal's chemical defenses?
I HAVE.....venom, ink and sprays are some examples.]
WHO HAS....What are some body covering that protect animals?
I HAVE....armor plates and skulls are examples.
WHO HAS....What are some examples of physical adaptations?
End pwc 3.2.1 (3rd grade)
(use as card#1) I HAVE... camouflage, mimicry, venom, claws, beaks, feet, teeth as examples.
WHO HAS...Why are physical adaptations important?
I HAVE....They help animals survive in their environment by getting food and protecting itself.
WHO HAS....Why are behavioral adaptations important?