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How do we know that puppies love their dads?
They always lick their paws!
Where do little dogs sleep on camp-outs?
In pup tents.
Why did the puppy jump into the river?
He wanted to chase the catfish!
What did the puppy do when she won first prize at the dog show?
She took a bow-wow.
What did the puppy say to the flea?
Don't bug me!
Which little sheepdog can't find her sheep?
Little Bo Pup!
Where do you take a sick puppy?
To the DOGtor.
Where do puppies like to go river rafting?
What kind of soap should you use on your puppy's fur?
What does a mom dog say when she wants her little ones to quiet down?
"Hush, puppies!"
Why do puppies run around in circles?
It's too hard to run around in squares!
How did pioneer puppies head west?
In waggin' trains.
What would you say if your puppy ran away?
What do you call tough little city pups?
New Yorkies!
What is it when a puppy dreams he's fighting another puppy?
A bitemare!
Why are dalmatian puppies so bad at playing hide-and-seek?
Because they're always spotted!
What kind of stories do puppies like best?
Furry tales.
What did the puppy say when she stepped on the sandpaper?
"Rough! Rough!"
What did the little dog get for his birthday?
A new Collar-ing book.
Why did the little dogs hold paws?
They were in puppy love.
What do you call a fancy American puppy?
Yankee Poodle Dandy.
What would you get if you crossed a puppy and a kitten?
An animal that chased itself.
What's the difference between a puppy and a flea?
A puppy can have fleas, but a flea can't have puppies.
Which vegetables do little dogs like best?
What's the main ingredient in puppy biscuits?
Collie flour.
Which baseball team do puppies play for?
The New York Pets!
Where do husky puppies like to sleep?
On a sheet of ice under a blanket of snow.