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What are 3 Reasons to know Theoretical Pressure Calculations?
Better understand Fireground Methods; Predetermine Pressures of Preconnects & Common Lays; Pre-Incident Planning
____ + ____ = Total Pressure Loss
Friction Loss + Elevation Pressure Loss/Gain
What is the Primary determinant of Friction Loss?
Volume of Water Flowing per Minute
What are 2 Methods to determine Friction Loss?
Actual Tests and Calculations
What are 3 factors in determining Friction Loss?
Size of Hose; Quantity of Water Flowing; Length of Lay
What is the Friction Loss Formula?
What is the Elevation Pressure Formulas?
.5H and 5 psi x (# stories - 1)
____ + ____ = Pump Discharge Pressure
Total Pressure Loss + Nozzle Pressure
Define Net Pump Discharge Pressure.
Takes into account all factors contributing to amount of work pump must do; Difference between PDP and Incoming Pressure; PDP - Intake Reading