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A stream of water remains solid unless ___,___,___.
Strikes Object; Overcome by Gravity; Changed by Friction with Air
Define Periphery.
Line bounding a rounded surface; Outward boundary of object distinguished from its internal regions.
Define Deflection.
Turning from straightline or given course.
Define Impinge.
To strike against.
What determines the pattern of a Periphery Deflected Nozzle?
Position of Deflecting Stem and Exterior Barrel
What determines the pattern of an Impinging Nozzle?
Several jets of water are driven together at an angle to break water into fine particles.
What is the diffence between a Monitor and Deluge?
Monitor stream direction and angle can be changed while discharging water; Deluge cannot be adjusted while discharging water.
What are 2 types of Elevated Master Streams?
Detachable and Pre-piped.
Why is a Water Curtain ineffective at protecting exposures?
Water Curtain only absorbs Convected Heat, Not Radiated Heat.
How many firefighters are needed to place a Piercing Nozzle in service>?
2; 1 with Nozzle and 1 with Sledge
What is the Solid Stream Nozzle Reaction Formula?
NR = 1.57 x d2 x NP
What is the Fog Stream Nozzle Reaction Formula?
NR = .0505 x Q x √NP; Q = Total Flow through Nozzle in GPM
What is the Nozzle Pressure for a Solid Stream Handline?
50 PSI
What is the Nozzle Pressure for a Solid Stream Masterstream?
80 PSI
What is the Nozzle Pressure for a Fog Nozzle?
100 PSI
What is the Maximum GPM allowed on Handline?
350 GPM
What limits the amount of Nozzle Pressure that can be applied to an Attack Line?
Nozzle Reaction
Define Nozzle Reaction.
Counterforce directed against firefighter holding nozzle from velocity of water being discharged.
What is the Firegroung Fog Stream Nozzle Reaction Formula?
NR = Q / 2; Q = Total Flow through Nozzle in GPM
Define Fire Stream.
Stream of water/extinguishing agent from point it leaves nozzle until it reaches desired point.
What influences the stream at the Point of Discharge?
Operating Pressure; Nozzle Design; Nozzle Adjustment; Condition of Nozzle
What influences the stream as it passes through space?
Velocity; Gravity; Wind; Friction with Air
Name 3 types of Fire Streams.
Solid; Fog; Broken
Define Solid Stream.
Compact stream with little shower or spray produced from Fixed Orifice, Smoothbore Nozzle.
What is the GPM Formula?
29.7 x d2 x √NP
What is √50?
What is √80?
Define Fog Stream.
Water stream of finely divided particles.
Reach of Fog Stream depends on ___, ___, ___.
Width of Stream; Size of Droplets; Amount of Water Flowing
Name 4 types of Fog Nozzles.
Constant Flow; Manually Adjustable Gallonage; Automatic; High Pressure
What are 3 reason to use a Master Stream?
Handlines ineffective; Conditions usafe; Manpower limited
Name 4 categories of Master Stream Devices.
Monitor; Deluge Set; Turret Pipe (Deck Gun); Elevated Masterstream
Name 3 types of Monitors.
Fixed; Portible; Combination
Name 4 types of Broken Stream Nozzles.
Distributors; Water Curtain; Piercing; Chimney
Define Broken Stream.
Water broken into coarsley divided drops.