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What is the first goal of a FAO?
Get apparatus and crew to scene in an expedient, safe, and efficient manner
What are 5 basic causes of collisions?
Improper backing, Reckless driving by public, Excessive speed, Lack of skill or experience, Poor apparatus design or maintenance
What are 2 components of Total Stopping Distance?
Reacation distance and Braking distance
Define Reaction distance?
Distance traveled after perceiving a need to stop and moving foot to brake
Define Braking distance?
Distance traveled from time brakes are applied until apparatus stops
What are 4 factors influencing ability to stop apparatus?
Driving surface, Speed, Weight, Type and Condition of Brakes
What are causes of driver error skids?
Driving too fast, Weight transfer, Not anticipating obstacles, Improper use of auxillary brakes, Improper tire pressure
What are areas that can become slippery?
Bridges, Northern Hill Slopes, Shaded Spots
How many feet should you stay behind other responding units?
300 to 500 feet
Never exceed ____ mph when leaving station?
What is the safest position for apparatus should collapse occur?
Corner of building
What are indicators of potential collapse?
Bulgling walls, Cracks, Falling brick or mortar, Interior collapse
How large is a collapse zone?
At least equal to height of building, Ideally 1.5 times height
At least equal to height of building, Ideally 1.5 times height
Generally 250 GPM
What are 2 functions of wildland fire apparatus?
Structural protection and Fire attack
What are tactical position consderations for an apparatus?
Rescue, Water supply, Method of attack, Exposures, Wind, Terrain, Relocation potential, Collapse
What are 3 methods to keep a strainer off the bottom of a static source?
Rope, Float, Ladder
Describe Dual Pumping Operation?
One strong hydrant supplies two pumpers
What are advantages of DPO?
Better use of water, Places hoselines in operation quickly, Shorter hose lays, Easier coorination
Describe Tandem Pumping Operation?
Suppy pumper attaches to hydrant and pumps water through its discharge into attack pumper's intake