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floating, rapid
wind heat
superficial, large and weak......
-prolonged interior disease
-outward floating of yang qi
-critical sign!!

rare: cancer, anemia
deep pulse....felt only on heavy pressure
-interior syndromes
-problem is in the yin organs
deep and forceful (deep, full)
-interior syn of exces type
-stasis of qi or blood in interior
-interior cold
-interior heat
slow pulse is HOW MANY Beats..?
less than 4 beats per breath, less than 60 beats per min
slow and forceful.....
-interior syn of excess type caused by retention of yin cold in interior
-indicates full cold
slow n weak
-interior syndromes of the xu type d/t xu of yang qi
-empty cold from xu of yang
rapid pulse is how many beats?
more than 5 beats per breath, more than 90 beats per min.
rapid , forceful
-excess heat retained in interior, and antipathogenic qi is still strong
rapid , weak
-xu of yin in prolonged illness
-empty heat from yin xu
rapid, large, weak...
outward floating of xu yang
surging pulse: broad, large, and foreceful like roaring waves which come on powerfully and fade away........
excessive heat
-freq appears during fever
-felt in chronic disease characterized by interior heat
surging and rapid....
-excessive heat
large pulse- surging pulse that lacks the momentum of roaring waves
-excessive heat
-empty heat from yin xu
thready pulse
-xu d/t overstrain n stress
-xu of qi blood
-found in weak cats with weak body consititon in a prologned ilness-manifests as yin xu and blood xu
-xu of blood
-may indicated int dampness w/ severe xu of qi.
rolling pulse - like pearls on a dish
-ph and retained fluid
-reteition of food
-excesive heat
hesitant pulse: feels rough and uneven
-stag of qi , blood
-essense is impaired
-blood is xu
-exhasuing of fluids
-may occur after profuse and prolonged sweating or vomiting
hesitant and forceful
-stag of qi and blood
hesitant and weak
-essence is impaired
-blood is xu.
string-taut p - like violin, guitar
-disorders of LV, GB
-painful syn
-ph and retained fluids
-LV dishoarmny
tense pulse; like tight and foreceful like streched rope (aka tight pulse)
-retention of food
-freq felt in asthma from cold in LU
-freq seen in ST conditons from cold
-indicates pain from an interior condition
soft pulse - superficial, and thready and hits fingers w/o strengh. Disappears when more pressure is put

(soggy, weak-floating)
-damp disorders
weak pulse - deep n thready and hits fingers w.o power
-various syn d/t xu of both qi and blood
-xu of yang
-sometimes xu of blood
abrupt pulse- feels hurried and rapid with irreg missed beats

(hasty) - rapid and stops at IRREG
-excessive yang heat
-stag of qi and blood
-retnetion of ph or blood
-extreme heat
-xu of ht qi
-heart fire conditions

"abrupt" and irreg: someone "abruptly" came in when me n her were havin sex, and now we are unable to have regular sex b/c we're scared of someone coming in again, so we have IRREGular sex.
abrupt, foreceful
heat syn of excessive type d/t
-stag of qi n blood
-retention of ph or food
-swelling and pain
abrupt, weak
-signs of prostration (extreme exhaustion)
knotted.....slow w/ irreg missed beats
-excessive yin
-accumulation of qi
-renteiton of cold ph
-stag blood
-xu of ht yang
regulary intermirttent - slow and weak with REGUALRYLY missed beats
-decline of zang qi
-wind syn
-painful syn of fear n fright
-traumatic contusions and sprains
-serious interla problems of one or more yin organs
-serious ht problem
-if stops every 4 beats: serious condition