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pulmonary hypertension primary
young females
Raynaud's more likely
entire vasculature of lung affected--obliterative
pulmonary htn secondary etiol
chronic hypoxia copd apnea
polycythemia vera
chronic or multiple PE
any parenchymal lung dx
pulmonary htn scleroderma etiol
pul htn out of proportion to lung dx, due to intimal proliferation
pulmonary htn outside US etiol
pulmonary htn PE
loud P2, TR RV heave
R heart cath wedge >20mm Hg
JVD w large V waves, liver pulsations, edema
pulmonary htn tx
Bosentan--oral endothelin antagonist
ca ch blockers, sildenafil, anticoagulants, O2, epoprostenol
Goodpastures syn etiol/organs affected
autoimmune M:F 3:1 lung/kidney
hemoptysis, Fe def anemia
antiglomerular, anti BM
linear depos IgG and C3
Goodpastures tx and presentation
tx immunosuppressives & plasmapheresis
think: dyspnea, hemoptysis and glomerulonephritis
alveolar proteinosis etiol
bldup of surfactant/abnl alveolar macros
often hypoxemic from lg R-L sh
tx severe: whole lung lavage
what is it from
path, labs
who gets it?
allergic rxn to aspergillus
IC deposits, hi serum IgE
asthmatics/worsening sx
periph eos
types of HS reactions
cxr findings
type I wheal/flare
type III 5 hrs
cxr central mucous impaction central bronchiectasis fingers in glove
long term steroidos, sometimes itraconazole
Eosinophilic pneumonia 3 types
1. benign eos pneumonia
2. acute eos pneumonia--ARDS etiol?
3. chronic eos pneumonia--50% asthma, female/mid aged, high eos in BAL high ESR
Chronic eos pneumonia
cxr and Tx
bilat PERIPHERAL infiltrates

long term steroids
allergic granulomatosis of churg strauss etiol/organs
necrotizing sm vessel vasculitis w eos
skin kidney, maybe neuropathy
allergic granulomatosis of churg strauss tx
asthma + eos

cytotoxic agents + steroids
lymphomatoid granulomatosis
similar to wegeners/no upper resp, 50% --Histiocytic lymphoma, rarely affects kidneys
bx:mononuclear angiocentric necrotic vasculitis
lymphomatoid granulomatosis
organs, tx
lung skin CNS periph nerve

Wegener's granulomatosis
path, organs
necrotizing granuloma
upper resp/sinus
Wegener's granulomatosis
lung findings
granulomatous pulmonary vasculitis w large and sometimes cavitary nodules
Wegener's granulomatosis
labs, diagnosis, tx
nasal memb or open lung bx
cyclophosphamide +/- steroids
Worsening asthma think of
Churg Strauss
eosinophilic pneumonia
HLA B27 +
ank spon
acute ant uveitis
reactive psoriatric arthritis
juvenile RA
causes of pulmonary hemorrhage:
common in pts w AML--but must also r/o Aspergillus
others: Goodpastures, pulmonary hemosiderosis, SLE, post bone marrow transplant