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Pulmonary Goal
to relieve it, you may not be able to correct it.
Partial Plura
lining thoracic cavity
Viscera Plura
covers the lung
Herring Breur Reflex
prevents over expansion of the lungs
decrease respirations
Stab wound to the chest
may cause a ruptured diaphragm
Respiratory emergencies
account for over 200,000 deaths each year
Intrinsic risk factor
those influenced by the patient. Most important is genetic predisposition
Extrinsic risk factor
are external to the patient. Most important one is cigarette smoking...leading to COPD
Pulmonary Shunting
when an area of lung tissue is appropriately ventilated but no capilary perfusion occurs, and avalable ox is not moved into the circulatory system
Peripheral Cyanosis
reflects the slowing of blood flow and increased extraction of oxygen from red blood cells
Central Cyanosis
Involves lips,tongue and truncal skin, is more ominous finding seen in hypoxia.
Asthma patients
most important question to ask...have you been intubated or put in ICU with C-pap. LOAD & GO!
upper airway---tongue
upper airway--obstruction or croup
lower airway--whistling due to narrow airways due to excessive mucus
lower airway--rattling sounds in larger airway due to mucus
Crackles (Rales)
lower airway--Fine moist crackling sounds, fluid in smaller airways
Plural Friction Rub
lower airway--sounds like dry leather or hair rubbing together. Occurs when plura is inflamed (pluracy)
Pink Puffer
Skinny emphysema
Blue Bloater
bloated COPD, chronic bronchitis