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Why was the proprietor of a small trucking business's speech better received by the audience than the Doctor of Philosophy?
His talks were definite, concrete, & picturesque.
What is the first way to develop speech material that guarantees audience attention?
Limit your subject
When should you attempt to limit your speaking subject?
Once you have selected your topic
What is the second way to develop speech material that guarantees audience attention?
Develop reserve power
After you have narrowed your subject, the next step is to do what?
Ask yourself questions that will deepen your understanding & prepare you talk with authority
A surgeon gave great advice that relates to speaking. Carnegie applies this by stating that you should always prepare so that you are ready for what?
an emergency
What is meant by having your subconscious mind work for you?
Time ordinarily spent in reverie while you are driving home, waiting for the bus, etc.. can be devoted to thinking of your subject
Norman Thomas suggests that if a speech is to be of any importance at all, what must the speaker do?
The speaker should live with the theme or message, turning it over and over in his head
While going through the thinking process, should you write out your talk word for word? Why?
Once you have set a pattern, you are likely to be satisfied with it & you may cease to give any more constructive thought
Where does Charles Kettering prefer to write his talks?
On his audience's minds and on their emotions
What is the third way to develop speech material that guarantees audience attention?
Fill your talk with illustrations and examples
What does Norman Vincent Peale say is the finest way to make an idea clear, interesting, and persuasive?
the true example
What are the five ways to fill your talk with illustrative material?
What is the richest source of human interest material?
your own background
When is the only time an audience objects to hearing a person talk about himself?
When he does it in an offensive, egotistical way
What should you use when telling stories that involve others?
Use their names
What is the 5-W formula in being specific?
When, where, who, what & why
What will happen if you talk with too much detail?
Your audience will not give you their complete attention
Dramatize your talk by using what?
What type of conversation should you use when dialogue is part of your speech?
Direct quotation
How should you visualize?
By demonstrating what you are talking about
What is the fourth way to develop speech material that guarantees audience attention?
Use concrete, familiar words that create pictures
The speaker who is easy to listen to is the one who does what?
Sets images floating before your eyes
The great writers, Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare are effective because they do what?
Deal in particulars and report details that matter. Their words call up pictures