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Dale Carnegie began teaching his first public speaking courses when and where?
YMCA in 1912
Dale Carnegie approached pubic speaking not as a fine art but as a what?
What was the original name of Carnegie's textbook used in this class that has been through more than fifty printings?
Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business
Dale Carnegie has a basic philosophy that effective speaking is more than saying a few words to an audience. What is it?
It is the revealing expression of a human personality
Business, social, and personal satisfaction depends heavily upon a person's ability to do what?
Communicate to others what we are, what we desire, and what we believe in
The only way to achieve public speaking results quickly is to have two things. What are they?
a training
b practice
In meetings before the first session of a Dale Carnegie course, what is the central desire, basic want of most participants?
They want to gain self-confidence, poise and the ability to think on my feet.
In dealing with the butterflies and trembles in addressing an audience, what are two things that can remedy this condition and give you confidence?
a. training
b. practice
This book is no ordinary book. Its suggestions that can be applied with perseverance start with whom and works naturally to a conclusion of what?
a. you
b. what you want to be
The first guidepost is to take heart from the
experience of others
There is no such animal, in or out of captivity, as a born
public speaker
When Dale Carnegie started teaching public speaking, he found out he was on the wrong track. He eventually found out what the members of his classes really wanted. What was it?
To gain the courage and confidence to stand up and report at their next business meeting
Of the thousands of people he had taught, Dale Carnegie gives one testimonial example of the dramatic impact of learning how to effectively speak in public. Who was the successful businessman who came to him, and what was the outcome?
D. W. Ghent
David M. Goodrich, Chairman of the Board of the B.F. Goodrich Company, shares with Dale Carnegie why he finally joined Carnegie's speaking courses. Who was it that inspired Mr. Goodrich?
His young accountant
Who was Mario Lazo and why did he come to Dale Carnegie?
a. an attorney from Cuba
b. to ask Dale to help him learn to speak so he could present the cup at the Havana Country Club and make the principal talk of the evening
The second guidepost is to keep your goal
Before you
Mr. Ghent spoke of his newly acquired skill in public speaking and touched upon what Carnegie believes to be the most important factor for speaking success. What is it?
He projected what he wanted in the future then worked hard to make that future a reality.
What does Henry Blackstone, President of the Servo Corporation of America, believe to be the most important ability to move up to the top within an organization?
the ability to communicate effectively with others and win their cooperation
Begin now to picture yourself before an audience that you might have to do what for?
speak, or, be called upon to address:
William James, a Harvard Professor of Psychology, believes that the key to open sesame Ali Baba's treasure cave of courage and that which will save you is to have what?
If you never give a formal public speech in your life, the benefits to be derived from public speaking are manifold-it is the royal road to what?
Dr. David Allman believes that the benefits of public speaking training will do what kind of things for you?
Your self-confidence strengthens and your personality becomes warmer, this means you are better off emotionally and therefore better off physically.
Picture yourself as successfully doing what you now fear to do, and to concentrate on the benefits you will receive through your ability to do what?
Talk acceptably before groups
Guidepost three is to predetermine your to success.
When asked on a radio program to tell in three sentences the most important lesson Dale Carnegie has ever learned, what did he say?
…the stupendous importance of what we think. If I knew what you think, I’d know what you are, for your thoughts make you what you are. By changing our thoughts we can change our mind
Who was the young student who didn't let failure frustrate him? He ended up becoming what as the result of his determination?
a. Clarence Crandall
b. World respected economic consultant to the government
Who is Joe Haverstick and what did he finally become?
President of the National Homebuilder’s Association
To succeed in becoming a public speaker, you need three qualities that are essential in this worthwhile endeavor. What are they?
a. desire amounting to enthusiasm
b. persistence to wear away mountains
c. self-assurance to believe you will succeed
What did Julius Caesar do to insure the success of his army?
advanced & conquered
Guidepost four is to seize every opportunity to
Carnegie's public speaking courses have changed almost beyond recognition over the years; however, what feature of his course remains unchanged?
Everyone in the class must get up in front of the class members and speak
What did George Bernard Shaw say in response when he was asked how he learned to speak so compellingly in public?
doggedly making a fool of myself until I got used to it.
Opportunities to speak are found everywhere. Identify at least five suggestions given at the end of the chapter for speaking opportunities.
a. Join organizations that will require you to speak
b. Volunteer for offices that will require you to speak
c. Stand up and assert yourself at meetings
d. Don’t take a back seat at departmental meetings
e. Speak up
f. Teach a Sunday School Class