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What is an orator?
public speaker
The oldest handbook on effective public speaking? When/Where?
Egypt, 4,500 yrs ago
4 skills we already have?
1. organize thought
2. talior to an audience
3. telling story 4 max.impact
4. adapt to listener feedback
3 difference between public and conversational speaking?
1. more structure
2. more formal language
3. Formal method of delivery
6 steps to control nervousness:
1. acquire experience
2. Prepare
3. Think positively
4. Visualize doing well
5. Nervousness= not visible
6. Don't expect perfection
What is critical thinking?
Focus organized ideas & seeing relationships between ideas
What are the 7 elements of the speech givin process?
1. Speech
2. Listener
3. Message
4. Channel
5. Interference
6. Situation
7. Feedback
What is "situation"?
Its the time & place which the speech is given
What is "channel"?
Its how the message is communitcated.
What is "ethnocentrism"?
Its the belief that one's culture or own group is superior to all other groups or cultures.
How do you get feedback?
1. "Am I making this clear?"
2. "Did I explain this point fully?"
What do we spend 30% of our waking hours doing?
How long has public speaking been used?
Over 2,500 yrs
Preparing can reduce nervousness up to....?
7 Further tips?
1. good sleep
2. tighten & relax muscles
3. communicate w/ audience
4. deep breaths
5. work on intro
6. make eye contact
7.use visual aids!