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two energy characteristics
tradable good
price afects production and consumption
three negative impacts of government energy regulations
money used to regulate energy is taken away from things that can't be regulated by market
inefficient businesses that end when subsidy ends
immoral climate of rent seeking
Dealing with Energy externalities through
defense policy
research policy
welfare policy
environmental policy
goal of environmental policy
clean air, water, safe food, and visually attractive landscape
market incentives model 2 strategies
make existing market arrangements operate better by regulating things such as price
create market in previously untraded good
arguments in favor in market incentives 5
achieves same policy objective at a lower cost
choose technique that best maximize the profits
government cannot match the information processing attributes of the market
minimizes government intrusion
needs less admin. enforcement
arguments against an incentives scheme
determining tax level is hard
still requires some admin.
enforcement difficult
small businesses more likely to fail
some valued goods should not be considered private property
assigning prices to natural resources devalues them
no morals if only incentives drive people
and low political feasibility
two principles of US education policy
education free and universal
local control and state right
Serrano v priest (1971)
found that equal opportunity denied through property taxes funding schools
Rodriguez v San Antonio (1974)
stated that right to education not in constitution so fed. govt. has no involvement in schools
Rossell's conditions for true bilingual education 4
1. enough students of a single language to fill classroom by combining two grades
2. native tongue with roman alphabet
3. teachers and students all speak same non-english language
4. published textbooks in native tongue for US curriculum
Efficiency of English Fluency approaches 4
1. structured english immersion
2. regular classroom with ESL
3. doing nothing
4. bilingual education
human capital theory
education makes you more productive
solutions to childcare and preschool 2
1. subsidized childcare (publci schools have before and after school care on site)
2. universal preschool age 2
solution to confusion over test scores and quality of US education 3
requires disclaimers on all publications of standardized achievement test results
norm referenced tests
criterion referenced tests
command and control in education policy 3
state regulation on hours, curriculum and minimum standards
market incentives in education policy 5
magnet, specialty schools, vouchers, school choice, charter schools