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1.Gather Information and identify preliminary issues
-Read the case
-List Key Issues
-Use the administrative disciplines and core public health disciplines to cue and screen issues
-Reread the case and document notes
-evaluate facts, inferences, assumptions and judgments
-obtain additional information if not present in case
read, list, use cues, reread cases, evaluate, get info
2.Analyze the present situation
-evaluate decision context regarding economic, regulatory, demographic, technological, health care, service area and service category issues
-Identify the organizations strengths and weaknesses in company's culture, org.. business forte
-Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in (SWOT)
-Evaluate orgs mission and goal
Evaluate decision in health areas of service
strengths and weaknesses in forte
- what are they here for?
3.Finalize issue identification
-check off symptoms and identify causes
-finalize problems and opportunities
-make priorities to solve problems and opportunities
-restate the issues
okay, what do we have here?
make a goal plan
make sure the issues are understood clearly
-Develop a theory and perspective
-create alternative actions or solutions
-use what you learned from administrative and core public health disciplines to approach alternatives.
what perspective will be used to solve it?
make alternatives
use job knowledge to help with the analysis planning
5.Make a Recommendation
choose alternatives
present theory and ideas held to be applicable
illustrate how recommendation will "address" the opportunity and problem.
Its time to choose
present ideas you have
prove how the ideas/solution can solve the problems and opportunities.
6.Develop Action Plan
-state what needs to be done (activities) for alternatives to work
-group up people and give people responsible roles in the activity
- give timeline deadline
what needs to be done
what people are the right job for it?
7.Finalize Report
-written and oral report