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Chapter 28
1. The fastest growing age group in the american population
2.The leading cause of death in the elderly is
3.The following statements is not true?
4. Which statement is not true
5.Medicare spending has grown because of increasing medical costs and the growing aging population
1. D. The oldest one
2. B. Cardiovascular Disease
3. A. For people who smoke all their lives, quitting after 65 does not improve health
4. D. Alzheimers disease is affected by environmental factors and thus may be preventable
5. True..
6. Which statement is not true
7.Which of the following is true
8. Which statement is not true
9. Quality of life depends significantly on lifestyle in youth and middle age
10. Hormone replacement therapy for older women has been found to prevent which of the following diseases EXCEPT
11. All of the following factors increase the risk of osteoporsis EXCEPT
12. All of the following factors appear to increase an individuals risk of Alzheimers disease EXCEPT
13. Which of the following statements about Medicare is TRUE
14.Who said that old people have a duty to die and get out of the way
6 D. Baby boomers live longer than people born later
7. A. people over 85 have more chronic diseases than people 75-85
8. D People over 65 are less healthy now than they were in the past
9. True
10. C Breast Cancer
11. C Hip Fracture
12.C. Education
13. A. The number of Medicare enrollees is growing faster than the number of workers whose taxes support them
14. D Governor Richard Lamm
Chapter 29
1. Which of the following is NOT a public health function in responding to a disaster
2.What was the greastest failure in NY City response to the World Trade Center attacks?
3. Which of the following is a basic principle used in the immediate response to an emergency
4. Which of the following would probably be first to recongnize a bioterrorism attack
5. Which of the following would NOT be effective in dealing with a covert release of smallpox virus
6.Which is NOT true of the response to Hurricane Katrina
7. Which of the following was NOT true of New Orleans during the hurricane
8. Which of the following pathogens has actually been used in the US as a bioterrorism agent:
9. Which of the following pathogens has been responsible for a pandemic in recent years
10. Which of the following disasters would be most difficult for a local community to plan for
1. D identifying who is responsible for a terrorist act
2.C poor communication amoung rescue workers
3. A ICS
4. B An emergency room doctor
5. A Antibiotics
6. A The hurricane came without warning
7.C. Leveese in poor areas were purposely dynamited to protect the rich areas
8. B Anthrax
9. C influenza
10. C Plane Crash
11.World Trade Center cough primarily affected which of the following groups.
12.Which of the following preventable factors did NOT contribute in a major way to loss of life durning Katrina
13. Which of the following principles is NOT True of the incident command system:
11. B Clean up workers
12. A Clogged roadways
13. C It should be led by a fedral offical.
14. Which of the following has NOT been a means of preparing for bioterrorism
15. Which is NOT a component of pandemic flu prepardness
14. D Enabling everyone, including illegall immigrants to see treatment for contagious illness
15. B Vaccinating everyone over 65 with avian flu vaccine