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Why do people choose to become a public official?
A call to service.
Rules are written to be?
Which has more discretion rules or standards?
Things that are needed to get something done
timing, tolerance, politics, power
What is adjudication
Making a ruling
Who has more control law makers or administrators
The law is only as strong as...
the public will to enfore it.
rule making and following can become
The fact remains that those serving on _______ basis can never be expected to _______ themselves personally from those with whom they ______.
reglitory, isolate, regulate
Civil service act....
protects us.
govt is in a
constant state of flux
for every good reason
theres a real reason
government is the
art of negotiation
line item budgeting
cut out one line insted of cutting entire program
effeciancy and efficriveness
not easly blended together
govt is the
art of negotiation
efficient effective
fair and consistant
not much interaction of neighbors
govt is the one that is called.
laws are written to be...
elective officials role is to be
trust in govt is lower then used to be because of...
4 steps
faith, family, self, job
number of govt employees
1 in 3
can control uncertanty...
civil service act
protects us in our jobs
if you cant make a decision
you become part of the problem
case study process
story, stakeholder, point of view, recommendations
govt is in a...
constant state of flux
toughest things people in pub admin do is....
making decidions
miles law:
where you stand depends on where you sit
this controls everything an agency does...
to be in govt you must...
understand beliefs, values, and customs
gov is orientated to...
there is no single majority...
capable of all policies
most govt programs are
public policy is
nothing but organizing framework
It is unusual to have a...
consistant policy for a consistant problem
Polivies need
a certain amount of support to be implemented
govt is here to
provide service
we have the right to disagree but...
not the right to be disagreeable
few people outside of govt agenvies
pay attention to budget systems
due process
the right to appeal and be heard
peers judge on
public interest and circumstances
adminustrative rule
ussuing rules and tell you what to follow
budget decisions are connected to all
govt attempts to influence the national and reginal economics
whats the cause of fees rising?
raised level of service
required in public office
foundation of power
political support
state politics are frequently tied
more closely to private interest groups
many admin processes today work through
info sharing and negotiation in a context of informal orgs
the original rational to establish a federal system in the us
was to prevent the concentration of power in a strong national govt
state, local, and fed powers
are shared
federalism is an
explicitly political arrangement
Who has the right to demand more efficenct from govt?
the vision of a policy is not difficult
its the implimentation that is!
repeats itself