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Explain the effects of nitrogen from a scuba diver while in a helicopter.
Like opening a soda, the nitrogen moves to up while in the blood stream, possibly fatal
What are the alcohol limitations for a pilot?
8 hrs bottle to throttle, .04 BAC, and no visible signs of intoxication
What effect does drugs/OTC drugs affect the pilot?
can have a detrimental effect on pilot judgement and/or motor control. Test the drugs at least 24 hrs before flight to determine the specific effects on you.
What are the 4 types of hypoxia?
Hypoxic, Hypemic, Histotoxic, Stagnent
What are the symptoms and corrective actions of hyperventilation?
Someone who looks clammy, is paniky, breathing hard, sweating, dizzy, vision and judgement impaired, etc. Have them breath into a bag or into their shirt, control their breathing, and get them talking aloud.
What are the effects, and corrective actions of Middle ear and sinus problems?
Middle ear and sinus problems can cause pain due to the differences in pressure normally equalized by a healthy system.
You can yawn, chew gum, open your mouth very wide, or if you can't fix it, you can land.
What are the causes of spatial disorientation?
when you rely on body inputs and motion sensing to determine helicopter stability in IFR or bad conditions, you can become spatially disoriented.
What are the symptoms and corrective actions of motion sickness?
Nausea, quiteness or overexcitement, clammy, general discomfort.
Open air vents and focus on one instrument inside the helicopter.
What are the symptoms, causes, effects, and corrective actions of carbon monoxide poisoning?
headache, sleepyness, red face.
Cracks in exhuast system cause this.
Effects are similar to hypoxia.
Open air vents and monitor physical situation, nay need to land.
What are the effects of stress and fatigue?
stress and fatigue can have similar effects to being intoxicated
What are the symptoms and corrective actions of dehydration?
drowsyness, thirst, dry mouth, headache.
Drink water
What are the different causes of each kind of hypoxia?
Hypoxic - altitude
Hypemic - smoking
Histotoxic - Drugs/alcohol
Stagnent - poor circulation
What do you tell a passenger who is hyperventilating?
Control your breathing, try breathing into your shirt, try to gte them talking out loud.
What is IM SAFE?
a chacklist for a pilot to determine if he is safe to fly - Illness, Medication, Stress/Sleep, Alcohol, Fatigue, Energy/Eating
When and at what altitudes does the FAA require the use of oxygen?
12,500 ft - oxgen required if you are above for more than 30 min
14,000 ft - crew requires oxygen
15,000 ft - everyone needs oxygen