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What is a METAR?
A weather report of current conditions on the ground
What is a TAF?
Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts - a forecast for the next 24hrs of weather within 5 sm of an airport
What is an FA?
Aviation Area Forecast - a forecast of visual meteorological conditions and general weather over the area of several states
How do you read a surface analysis chart and how are they produced?
Computer produced chart covering 48 states plus adjacent areas every 3 hrs. winds temps, dew points, pressure systems, fronts
How do you read a radar summary chart and how are they produced?
Computer generated display of automated weather reports. displays precipitation intensity and coverage, cell movement of precipitation. available hourly valid 35 min past each hour
How do you read a winds and temperature aloft chart and how are they produced?
computer generated chart depicting observed and forecast winds and temps aloft. specific levels such as 6,000 9,000 12,000 etc. daily available as 12 hr progs
How do you read a significant weather prognostic chart and how are they produced?
From surface to FL240, day one forecast of significant weather for the US. 12hrs and 24 hrs.
What is AWOS, ASOS, and ATIS, and when/how are they used?
AWOS - Automated Weather Observing System
ASOS - Automated Surface Observing System
ATIS - Automated Terminal Information System

Obtain weather from airports
What are the weather limitations of a private pilot?
SFC winds exceed 25 knots, wind gust spreads exceed 15 knots, continued flight in moderate, severe, or extreme turbulence
How can you recognize bad weather?
obtain weather prior to departure, watch cloud patterns, observe outside conditions, be observant of turbulence
Who do you contact for enroute weather updates?
What weather conditions are potentially deadly?
Flight into prohibited weather, continued flight at high speeds in severe turbulence, etc
How long is a TAF/METAR generally good for?
METAR - 1 hour
TAF - 24 hours
Describe the AIRMET, SIGMET, and CONVECTIVE in flight concepts?
Airmet - weather hazards for all aircraft. 6hrs. Tango, Zulu, Sierra
Sigmet - non-convective hazards to all aircraft. icing, turbulence, duststorms, volcanic ash not associated with thunderstorms
Convective - Severe T-storm conditions
What are the weather minimums for VFR flight?
3sm, 1000 above 500 below, 2000 horiz