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Where would you find an airworthiness directive, and how would you know if it has been complied with?
The AD's are located online or in the office, and the compliance will be noted in the maintenance records
What is an Airworthiness Directive?
Issued by the FAA concerning maintenance required to stay airworthy
What are the required instruments for daytime VFR flight?
What are the required instruments for nighttime VFR flight?
What are the requirements for a special flight permit?
The aircraft must be flying to a maintenance facility, being delivered or exported, production flight tested, being evacuated from areas of danger, or used as a demo flight for customers.
What is the procedure to get a special flight permit?
They are obtained from the local FSDO or Designated airworthiness representative.
Where are compliance records found?
Maintenance books
Who can perform maintenance on the R22?
Preventative maintenance can be performed by pilots with at least a private license, 100 hrs can be completed by A&P mechanics, and Annuals must be performed by A&P's with an inspection authorization.
What is MEL and how is it used at UHI?
MEL Concept, a list that details all of the equipment that must be operational in order to be airworthy
What is a Service Bulletin?
Issued by the manufacturer dealing with maintenance issues to be complied with to remain safe.
What are the inspections and maintenance required for the R22?
100 hr, annual
How long do you have to comply with AD's and SB's?
you must comply immediately unless otherwise noted in the AD or SB
How do you determine whether an aircraft is airworthy?
if it has an airworthiness cert, maintenance is up to date, all AD's are complied with, MEL is fulfilled
Who is responsible for ensuring an aircraft stays airworthy?
What is a special flight permit?
temporary permit to fly an aircraft that may not meet airworthiness
If an aircraft is found to be overdue for maintenance, what should you do?
immediately obtain maintenance, get SFP if needed
How many hours can the aircraft be flown past the required inspection time?
up to 10hrs as long as it is being flown to maintenance
Under what circumstances can you deviate from an Airworthiness Directive?
If it is allowed by the AD or if it is an emergency
Under what circumstances can you deviate from a Service Bulletin?
If it is allowed by the SB or it is an emergency
Who has the final authority on whether an aircraft is airworthy?