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What are the privileges of a private pilot certificate?
You can fly passengers in a helicopter which you have been reviewed in, but you may not be compensated for more than your share of the costs.
What are the limitations of a private pilot certificate?
You may not be reimbursed for more than your share of the costs of the flight.
How long does a 1st class medical certificate last?
After 6 months, the first class status gets reversed to 2nd class. After one year it turns into a 3rd class. After 3 years it is expired.
How long does a 2nd class medical certificate last?
One year, then it reverts to a 3rd class.
How is airworthiness determined?
As long as the aircraft has an airworthiness certificate and has been maintained according to the standards set out in AD's, has suffered no damage or incurred no major changes, it is airworthy.
What are the weight limitations of the R22?
240lbs per passenger, 1370 lbs max weight, 920 min weight, 50 lbs per baggage compartment.
When an instrument is placarded inoperative, what does this mean and how does it affect your flight?
The instrument may not be used because it is not operational, and if it is not an MEL list instrument, you may not fly without getting it fixed.
What are the recency requirements for a private pilot certificate?
Successfully pass a review within the preceding 2 years, if carrying passengers, must have 3 takeoffs and landings within preceding 90 days, same at night if carrying passengers at night.
What are the operating limitations of the R22?
no aerobatic, now low g pushovers, no flight into icing, no flight above 14k feet, min one pilot, solo from right seat only, GOAL, Governor off flight prohibited, left seatbelt must be fastened
What are you required to have to fly as a private pilot?
Pilot certificate, medical, photo id
When are you required to log a flight in your logbook?
You are not required to log flights in the logbook.
What is the age limit where medical certificate recency requirements change?
What is the minimum equipment list for the R22?
MastFoolMast, Goal, MEL concept
What is required in the helicopter to fly?
AROW - Ariworthiness certificate, Registration, Operating Handbook, Weight and Balance
What airspace can you fly in and how far are you cleared to fly once a private certificate is obtained?
You can fly anywhere you are cleared in to fly