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Where is the volume of aqueous liquid read on a graduated cylinder?
Bottom of the meniscus.
How often is a laminar air flow hood inspected?
Every 6 months ,, or twice a year.
After reconsitituting a powder, how long is it good for?
14 days.
The middle four characters of an NDC number represent ?
Product, Strength, and dosage form.
The last two digits of the National Drug Code (NDC) indicate the ?
unit package size.
The most inportant pieces of information to have on record in the event of a drug recall of medications are the ?
Lot number and expiration date.
The ICD-9 code required on insurance claim forms refers to the ?
What is ICD-9 code?
Intranational classfacation of diesases 9th division.
Universal claim forms are used for:
Insurance billing.
Online processing of a third-party claim to determine payment is called: