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Which of the following is not an example of an oral dosage form?

a. Amoxicilln
b. Depakote
c. Nitrostat
d. Synthroid
c. Nitrostat is available as a sublingual dosage form.
If and injectable drug is labeled 0.5 mcg/2ml and the patient is to recieve 0.125 mcg, how many milligrams should the patient recieve?

0.125/0.5 X 2ml = 0.5ml
If a patient is experiencing nausea and vomiting, which of the following dosage forms would be more effective?

a. Capsule
b. Oral solution
c. Suppository
d. Tablet

If patient is experiencing N/V, they would have trouble keeping oral meds down. Suppository would do the job but their isn't alot of meds available in this form.
Which of the following is not a patient's right covered under HIPPA?

a. The right to request and amendment to his or her health record.
b. The right to obtain an accounting of any disclosures of his her protected health information.
c. The right to obtain a copy of his her designated record set of protected health information.
d. The right to recieve compensatory and punitive damage for violations of HIPPA
d. HIPPA does not discuss consequences for violations of the law
How many grams of NaCl are in 100ml of NS solution?

a. 0.009
b. 0.09
c. 0.9
d. 9.0
c. Normal saline is a 0.9 (w/v) solution. % w/v is the number of grams/100ml X 100
Which of the following classes of antibiotics should not be taken with either fruit juices or colas?

a. Macrolides
b. Penicillins
c. Quinolones
d. Sulfas
b. Because of the acidic nature of both fruit juices and colas, penicillin is inactivated by both.
How many milligrams of atropine sulfate are needed to make 30ml of a 1:200 solution?

a. 1.5
b. 15
c. 150
d. 1,500
Following formula:

Final volume X % (expressed as a decimal)= amount of active ingredient(g). The final volume is 30ml and 1:200 can be expressed as 1/200 or 0.005g. Multiplying 0.15g x 1000mg/g (changing grams to milligram...) will yeald 150mg.
Which drug classification may cause rhinitis medicatmentosa with repeated use?

a. Antihistamines
b. Corticosteroids
c. Nasal Decongestants
d. Xanthime derivatives
Nasal decongestants
Which of the following medications is not a combination product?

a. Estratest
b. Hyazzar
c. Lotrel
d. Remeron
d. Remeron (mirtazapine) is not a combination product.
Which route of administration has the quickest onset of action?

a. IM
b. IV
c. PO
d. PR
b. IV goes directly into the bloodstream. No first - pass effect.
What is the weight of grams of 4 fl ounce of orange peel with specific gravity of 0.844?

a. 84
b. 103
c. 112
d. 142
b.Specific Gravity:

Ratio between the weight of a substance and the weight of an equal volume of water, 1ml water weighs 1g.

4 fl in ml = 120 ml.

Therefore, 0.84 = wt substance /120g.
Which of the following medications is not a proton pump inhibitor?

a. Aciphex
b. Concerta
c. Prevacid
d. Protonix
b. Concerta (methylphenidate) is used in the treatment of ADHD and ADD.
What type of drug is used to facilltate and examination or come to conclusion regarding a condition or disease?

a. Destructive agent
b. Diagnistic agent
c. Prophylactic agent
d. Therapeutic agent
b. diagnostic agnet is use in making diagnostic condition.
How many grams of fluorouracil will 153 lb patient recieve in 5 successive days at a dosage of 12mg/kg/day.

a. 0.42
b. 0.84
c. 4.2
d. 8.4
c. 153 pounds / 2.2 = 70
70 X 12mg = 840 (5 days)
4200mg / 1000 = 4.2 GRAMS
An effervescent tablet has the following formula:

APAP : 325mg
CaCo3 : 280mg
Citric acid: 900mg
Sodium bicarbonate : 465 mg

How many grams would one tablet contain?
b. Total out all. divide mg to find out GRAM.
If a physician prescribes 250 mg qid x 10 days, how many milliliters of Keflex oral suspension containing 250 mg per 5ml sould be dispensed?

a. 75
b. 100
c. 150
d. 200

250ml/5ml x 4 (20ml per day)

For 10 day supply : 200
Which term refers to mistreatment of a patient based on age, gender, race or sexual preference?

a. Decorum
b. Discrimination
c. Harassment
d. Innuendo
a. Decorum: proper behavior
b. YES!!!
c. annoy or make worry repeatedly.
d. hint clue out.
To which schedule does meperidine belong?

a. II
b. III
c. IV
d. V
a. meperidine (Demerol)
What must be found on all controlled substance prescriptions?

a. Pharmacy DEA number
b. Physician's business license number
c. Physician's DEA number
d. Physician's license number.
c. Physician's DEA number.
How many 250mg capsules are needed to fill the following prescription? "Amoxicillin 500 mg tid for 10 d."

a. 20
b. 40
c. 60
d. 80
c. 60.
Which of the following medicaions if not a calcium channel blocker?

a. Diovan
b. Isoptin
c. Plendil
d. Tiazac
a. Diovan