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Drugs Cause HYPOMAG.
S and Sx of HypoMg
- Muscle: weakness, tremors, spasiticity, convulsions
- N/V, Anorexia
- Cardiac arrhythmias
Drugs Cause Hyper Magnesium:
- antacids, laxatives, IV fluids (pregnancy, ACLS)
TX OF Hyper Mag.
1. d/c drug
2. administer calcium or loop diuretic
3. dialysis (worse case)
S and Sx of Hypermag:
Depressed DTR
Respiratory paralysis
EKG changes
Drugs that cause hypocalcemia:
1. glucocorticoids (increase osteoclast)
2. loop diuretics
3. EDTA (binds calcium)
4. calcitonin
S and Sx of hypocalcemia:
Mild: fatigue, depression, loss of memory, finger numbness, burning and tingling of extremities.
CHRONIC: seizures, tetany, H.F., arrthymias, decreases blood pressure.
What conditions can cause hypercalcemia?
Malignancy (CANCER)
What medications cause hypercalcemia?
1. thiazide diuretics (INCREASE renal retention_
2. Tamoxifen
3. Vitamin D
4. Estrogen
What medications are used to treat hypercalcemia?
Inhibition of Ca release from Bone:
1. Calcitonin
2. Bisphosphanates (Pamidronate and Etidronate)
3. Corticosteriod --> can cause bone loss.
A major components phosphate:
phospholipids, RNA, NADP, cAMP, ATP.
Causes of hypophosphatemia:
refeeding syndrome: during recovery after starvation)
Medication: glucagon, calcitonin, or adenergic agonists, thiazide, and loop diuretics)
TX OF hypophosphatemia:
1. oral replacement: (30-60 mmol/day) milk, neutra-phos, fleets, k-phos.
2. parenteral replacement:
0.32 mmol/kg if phos less than 0.5
tx of hyperphosphatemia:
1. Ca (phos-lo)
2. renagel
Vitamin B-1
- coenzyme in the metabolism of carbo and branched chain amino acids
Vitamin B-2
- coenzyme in numerous redox reactions.
- nicotinic acid
- nicotinamide
- required for energy metabolism (required for many biological reduction and oxidation metabolism.)
Folic Acid
- Folate
- coenzyme in the metabolism of nucleic acid and a.a.
Vitamin B-6
- Coenzyme in the metabolism of a.a., glycogen, sphingoid bases
Vitamin B-12
- coenzyme in nucleic acid metabolism
prevents megaloblastic anemias
What should u omit in renal disease for TPN bag?
chromium, molybdenum, selenium