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A pt. with allergic asthma would most likely show an increase in?
A metabolic alkalosis is most often associated with?
Redness of the skin is called?
The physician suspects that a pt. has bronchiectasis. Which Radiological procedures would you recommend to confirm this diagnosis?
You have a pt. who is suspected of having a pleural effusion. which of the folowing x-ray positions would you recommend to help confirm this diagnosis?
Lateral decubitus
Myocardial ischemia woild be indicated on a 12-lead ECG when?
The T wave is inverted
A CXR for a pt. who suffered pulmonary trauma in an automobile accident shows more radiodensity than the prior film. The most likely reason for this would be the presence of:
A pt. is on continous mechanical ventilation and is showing frequent PVC's on the monitor. What would you assess?
serum electrolytes
Hb, Hct. levels
digitalis levels
A pt.s heart rate increases fromm 88 to 109 beats/min while being suctioned. This would be most likely caused by: