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demonstrating an interest in a patient's behavior and feelings communicates to the patient that he or she is valued
providing support by giving your attention to matters that are important to the patient; reinfores emotional security and helps reduce patient's axiety
enhancing self-esteem
gives the patient a sense of control and hope
expression of feelings
providing an environment in which a patient can feel safeand comfrotable to express emotions; enhances therapeutic relationship and allows the patient to solve problems
role modelling
demonstrating certain role or certain behavior
role playing
acting out other methods of response to a situation; increases one's own or another's understanding of the other's point of view or to practice approprate responses
stress management
accepting stress as a fact of life and managing it
use of behaviorial techniques that allow the individual to stand up for his or her rights without infringing on the rights of others
limit setting
form of behavior modification rather than a punishment and is used for times when acceptance of the patient's behavior is no longer appropriate
used to reduce anxiety and slow doen the emotional response to it
making direct statents that challenge patient's behavior or beliefs
communicating an understanding of how the client feels
saying nothing; can convey many things
relaxation techniques
reducing stress through CAM