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Science: What, basis, and procedure/goal
study of nature
based on empiricism
develop and test hypotheses and generate facts
study of:
based on:
hypotheses what? generate?
what is a formal model?
derived from experiments, best explains facts
how do you get it and what does it do
what is technology
application of science
what is psychology
study of of animal behavior and its nature and determinants
what is pharmacology
study of the effects of drugs on physiological level
what is psychopharmacology, and the goal
study of drugs on behavior and cognition

to examine brain function
what is neuropharmacology
lower level- looks at cells and molecules, not behavior
difference between "behavioral pharmacology" and "psychopharmacology"
first uses behavior as a tool to study actions of drugs, latter uses drugs as tools to study behavior
what as a tool to do what?
what is a drug?
a chemical administered exogenously, with intent to alter physiological activity
FDA's definition of drug?

example of problem?
something we consume to alter physiological activity, THAT IS NOT A FOOD

coffee as a drug delivery system
Two foods with drug effects:
soy sauce (MSG)
hot sauce (capsaicin)
What is another name for MSG
hydrolyzed yeast extract
How does hot sauce work
capsaicin activates vanaloid receptors, leads to substance P release via trigeminal pathway
activates what receptors, what happens downstream, what is the neural pathway
what is aspartame?
combo of aspartic acid and phenylalanine
Why is capsaicin not psychoactive?