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SNRI's affect wghich NT's
At low doses affect 5HT, middle doses, 5HT and NE and high doses DA as well
SNRI's List names
Effexor, Remron, Serazone, (Cymabalta) NRI--WAlbuterin= Zyban, affect NE
1. don't give to anxious patient
2. good to stop smoking
3. does not affect decreased orgasm and sexual performace problems
Has no sexual decrease side effect
Only side effects
SSRI side effects
Headache sleepy, nervous, DECREASE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE ORGASM, Decrease sexual desire
Walbuterin and SErazone don't have this side effect
Elavil, Tofranil, Pamelor, Norpramine
TCA side effects
Anticholinergic-- Dry mouth, Blurred vision, constipation, affecting heart conduction sedating
TCA's ANd NT's
Work on reuptake of 5HT, NE, interfere with Ach
Why not give Serotonin
Does nopt cross the BBB and causes nasea
Main difference between psychotropics and street drugs
STATE dependent learning, at high doses sometimes BZ's and Amphetamines can also cause this
MAOI's list
Parnate and Nardil
MAOI's Mechansim of action
Interfere with enzymatic deactivation (MAO), thus interfering with metabolism of NE and DA
MAOI"S indication for use
Good for panic attacks, work faster good for anxiety, depression and pain, use it to get results quickly
MAOI's Alert
Works everywhere in the body thus increase tyramine absorption by interfering with its breakdown. Increase in BP can lead to stroke, headache, can cause postural hypotentions, can take if avoid foods containing tyramine like wine, beer Pizza, cheese. spoiled protiens
BZ work on receptors?
BZ receptors on GABA complex
BZ and drug interaction
strongly with alcohol and barbs.careful in patient with alcohol abuse history
BZ and lethality
Not lethal, don't supress BP or respiration as Barbs (BP down) and Morphine is lethal (supress respiration)
List of BZ's
Klonapene--long acting, Librium, valium, Xanax and attivan= anxiolytics