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Where was psychology born, and in what year?
Germany, 1879
What school of thought dealt with mental testing, stream of conciousness, adaption to environment, and was learned from Darwin?
Who developed unconcious motivation?
What school of thought was optimistic, and looked at the individuality of people and ideas?
What branch of psychology tried to solve practical problems after WW1?
Applied Psychology
What does cognitive psychology deal with?
thought and strategies
Adaptive value of species...
What is psychometrics?
psychological testing
What field deals with job perfomance and job satisfaction?
What does Empiricism mean?
knowledge aquired to through observation
What is theory?
ideas and hypothesis, instead of observation
What do researchers do in order to avoid being too subjective?
follow scientific method
When you change your answer on a multiple choice test your usually changing a wrong answer to a right answer!
Before answering a multiple choice question....
read all possible answers
Being able to apply/working toward goal reasoning is....
critical thinking
What school of thought believes psychology is imperical?
What are the goals of research science?
measurement and description, understanding and prediction, application and control
What is a hypothesis?
a prediction about human behavior
What type of method would you use if your trying to get attitudes of people?
survey or questioniere
What is the difference between experiment and control group?
exp- gets manipulated by the experiment
cont- isolate effect of independent variable on dependent variable- no manipulation
What is the extraneous variable?
extraneous variable influences dependent variable; at the same time independent variable influences the dependent variable also.
What is meant in positive relationship/correlation between two variables?
two variables going the same direction
What is naturalistic observation?
the outside view of actual observation, not involved, but participatory
Can't manipulate factors in actual experiment
What is a placebo?
fake treatment thats ineffective, but subject still thinks it has response.
What is experimenter bias?
researchers expectations or preferences about the outcome of a study influence the results obtained.
What section of the journal article does statistical analysis occur?
in an experiment if physical exercise effects a persons mood what is the dependent variable?
the persons mood
What is social desirable responding?
the tendency to give socially approved answers to questions about oneself
What changes occur in neuro impulse charge?
becomes less negative or even positive
What part of the brain controls reflexes like sneezing, coughing, salivating?
Hind brain
What controls breathing and circulation?
What part of frontal lobe affects production of speech?
Broca's area
Where does the production of language take place?
left hemisphere
Where does the development of sex character in puberty take place?
research in environment/ nature vs. nurture
in rats, the brains were heavier and more enriched
What was found in animal research?
its extreme
How do neurons communicate?
one neuron to another neuron
What is info carried in?
What are the effects of electric stimulationon, when rewarding the brain, what neurotransmitter was released?
what are responsible for hereditary transmission?
what is a genotype?
genetic material is the same (ex. identical twins)
Schizophrenia is inherited by what?
predispostition (environment interacts with heredity)
What is fitness?
Reproductive success; # of descendants or success in relation to rest of population
What conclusions were made about studies on hemispheres of the brain?
they are overgeneralized