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Name the 5 factors of a work environment that can effect stress
Heat, light, noise, space and pressure
Give the 3 main ways of managing stress and the names of their inventors where possible
Michenbaum - SIT/Stress innoculation therapy, Kobasa - Hardiness, Biofeedback
What are the 3 C's of Kobasa's Hardiness training?
Control, Challenge and Commitment
Although men are more likely to suffer from CHD due to stress women are more likely to...?
have much higher morbidity rates
Name some factors that may cause the difference of gender and stress
Women visit the doctor more, hormones may protect women, women engage in fewer unhealthy behaviours, social support differences (any two)
Name the 3 stages of the GAS model
Alarm Reaction, Resistance, Exhaustion
Name 2 criticisms of Brady's monkey study
Cant be generalised to humans - done on animals, used more active monkeys as exec's (PP variables not controlled), highly unethical
Give a brief outline of the findings of Johansson's factory worker study
Finishers produced more stress hormones, also had more sick days and higher levels of stress related illness
Name the first 3 steps of the Nervous system structure
Stressor, Cortex, Hypothalamus
Whats does the Hypothalamus release, and what does this act on?
Releases CRF and racts on the pituatry
Does the Adrenal Cortex or the Adrenal Medula release corticosteroids?
Adrenal Cortex
Name 2 weaknesses related to drugs treating stress
Masks the problem-does not treat the actual stressor, can be come dependant, can have side effects
Who came up with Type A and B personalitys
Freidman and Rosenman
What have all studies related to stress and illness found
They have all found that stress has some effect on the immune system therefore making stressed people more likely to suffer illnesses