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_______ consist of all the sensations, perceptions, memories, and feelings youare aware of at any instant.
_____changes take place in the quality and pattern of mental activity.
Altered state of consciousness
what causes temporary sleep deprivation psycholsis
sever loss of sleep
what directions are easist to adapt to?
East to West is Best
__________ is a common problem during adoleschence due to rapid physical changes during puberty.
How many hours do a long sleeper sleep?
How many hours do short sleeper sleep?
long 9 plus
short 5 or less
average 8 hours
Small fast waves that occur when you are awake and alert.
waves that occur immediately before sleep that are larger and slower are________.
stage of sleep that your heart rate slows breathing is irregular, muscles are relaxed.
Stage one
Stage of sleep that deepens, body temp drops further.
Stage two
Short bursts of distinctive brain-wave activity, marks the true boundary of sleep.
sleep spindles
Very large and slow waves that represent a deeper sleep an loss of consciousness.
Delta Waves
what stage do Delta waves occur
Stage 3
what stage does deep sleep after about one hour, brain waves are delta an the sleeper is in a stage of oblivion.
Stage 4
Eyes move under the lids that are associated with dreaming. This sleep is marked by a return to fast, irregular patterns in stage 1. The brain is active.
REM rapid eye movement
This sleep occurs during stages 1,2,3 and 4. It is dream free most of the time.
NREM non rapid eye movement
Disorder caused by thrash violently, leap out of bed or attack their bed partners.
REM behavior disorder
________ difficulty in falling asleep, frequent nighttime awakenings, or waking too early.
______ speaking that occurs mostly in NREM stages of sleep. Stages 3and 4.
What is Psychodynamic Dream Theory?
Sigmund Freud that dreams are based on wish fulfillment.
_______ dreaming emphasizes internal conflicts and unconscious forces. View, dreams express unconscious wishes through symbols.
Psychodynamic Theory
___________ is an altered state of consciousness, characterized by narrowed attention and openess to suggestions.
____________ refers to how easily a person can become hyponotized.
Hypontic susceptibility