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What is psychology?
The discipline concerned with behavior and mental processes and how they are affected by an organism's physical state, mental state, and external enviroment.
What is empirical evidence?
Relying on or derived from observation, experimentation, or measurement.
What does pseudo mean?
What do psychologists of the present of the past want?
They want to describe, pretend, understand, and modify behavior in order to add to human knowledge and increase human happiness
Who is the founder of modern medicine and lived from 460BC to 377BC?
What Greek physician observed patients with head injuries and inferred that the brain must be the ultimate source of our pleasures, joys, pains and griefs?
Which philosophers observed in the first century AD that people do not become angry or sad because of actual events but because of their explanations of those events?
True or False phrenology is a psedoscience
What year was the first psychological lab officially established?
Who and what country was the first psychological lab officially established?
Wilhelm Wundt and Leipzig Germany
Who promoted trained introspection, in which volunteers were taught to carefully observe, analyze, and describe their own sensations, mental images, and emotional reactions?
Wilhelm Wundt
This early approach to scientific psychology emphasized the function of behavior, instead of its analysis and description
Who was William James?
A functionalism leader
Who's ideas eventually evolved into a broad theory of personality, and both his theory and his methods of treating people with emotinal problems became known as pschoanalysis
Sigmund Freud
What are the five major perspectives in psychology?
Biological, learning, cognitive, sociocultural and psychodynamic