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definition of conversion
the process by which a person goes from believing and practicing one set of relgioius/spiritual teachings to believing and practicing a different set
7 types of changes in conversion
(1) Intellectually- one believes things they didnt before
(2) Morally - have a different sense of what they should/shouldnt do
(4) Aesthetically - perceptually notice new things (new religious symbols have meaning, old ones dont)
(5) Spiritually
(6) Physically - for ex. more health conscious
(7) Relationally - (relationships)
central element of conversion
the distinctiveness of the change (the "before" and "after")
Radical Conversion Amounts to...
a new OUTLOOK on everything; a new ATTITUDE toward and MOTIVATION in everything; and a new RELATIONSHIP toward everyone
The Great Awakening (1730's-1740's)
mass conversions
since it was hard times they needed a way to understand and focus on afterlife.