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Wilhelm Wundt created which early school of psychology and what is it
Structuralism- breaking down mental experience into its components parts
William James was involved with which early school of psychology and what was it
Functionalism- behavior tied to function
John Watson was involved with which early school of psychology and what was it?
Behaviorism- psychology as the science of observable behavior
Max Wertheimer was involved with early school of psychology? and what was it
Gestalt psychology- the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
Sigmund Freud was involved with which early school of psychology and what was it
Psychoanalysis- exploring the unconscious
What is the behavioral perspective in psychology?
Focus on role of learning in explaining observable behavior
What is psychodynamic perspectives in psychology
Explores unconscious influences of unconscious conflicts on behavior
What is humanistic perspectives in psychology
focuses on conscious experience and self awareness
What is physiological perspectives in psychology
Focuses on biological underpinnings of behavior
What are cognitive perspectives in psychology
explores the mental processes by which we acquire knowledge of the world
what are the sociocultural perspectives in psychology
explores how behavior is influenced by social and cultural factors
What are the steps of the scientific method
1. Devoloping a research question 2. forming a hypothesis 3. Gathering Evidence 4. Drawing Conclusions
What is the case study method of research
Intensive study of individuals
What is the survey method of research
Measuring opinions and attitudes
What is the naturalistic Observation Method of research
Taking research into the field
What is the Correlational method of research
Examining relationships between variables
What is the experimental method of research
Exploring cause and effect relationships by manipulating independent variables and measuring their effects on dependent variables
What is the soma?
the cell body
What is the axon?
Cable that conducts outgoing messages or action potentials
What are the dendrites?
Rootlike projections that receive messages from neighboring neurons
What are terminal buttons ?
Knoblike structures at the end of axons that release neurotransmitters into the synapse
What is Myelin Sheath?
Protective coating of axons
What are Action Potentials?
Neural impulses or messages generated according to all or none principle
What are neurotransmitters
Chemical messengers that carry messages to neighboring neurons
The central nervous system consists of what?
The brain and spinal cord
The peripheral Nervous System is what?
The body's link to the outside world
What is the Somatic Nervous system
Part of the Peripheral Nervous System that relays sensory information from sensory organs to the CNS and motor commands from Central Nervous System to muscles
What is the Autonomic Nervous System
Controls automatic bodily functions and processors