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Why do we have emotions and what is their function?
tehy facilitate actions (by us and others) that ultimately serve basic, important goals or motives
Negative emotions are located in which area of hte brain
the right hemisphere
Positive emotions are located in which area of the brain
left hemisphere
what emotion indicates that aperson made a mistake and now recognizes it
what is the purpose jealousy serves for females
it increases the likelihood that females will be able to maintain the relationship to their success
what is the purpose that jealousy serves for males
secures the passing on of his genes
what value does grief have?
creates connections to other human beings helps bring people together (powerful bonding)
the body responds to what 2 emotions in the same way?
Fear And joy
What purpose done anger serve?
It removes frustration when we don't achieve our goals
who said that the human capacity for emotion is universal yet somewhat limited?
aping in apes?
The ability to imitate when chimps were shown a film that showed a chimp expressing fear at a snake the chimps watching also expressed fear
what are several instincs that newborns have?
withrawal reflex, rooting, sucking, and crying
babies like ____ more than ____ liquids
sweet and sour
continuity of time and space
2 objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time
what is it called when our perception is not subject , we know what we see without question
When u use your experiences as generalizations and apply it to many other similar experiences?
when individuals of different ages are simlutatenously compared w/ respect to some test or observation?
Ex: test children at diff. ages w/ same problem
Cross-Sectional Study
Compares observations on the same individuals at diff. times of their lives.
Ex: test children at ages and then repeat at 7 then 9
Longitudinal Study
At birth the infants most important influences are?
When a baby's cheek is touched it will turn its head toward= the direction of the touch?
the process by which infants get to know things about themselves and their world
Cognitive Development
the ____ period occurs during the first 2 yrs. of life grasp objects/ symbolic thinking
Sensorimotor period
the ___period occursind during 2 to 6 or 7 yrs. of life incrased ability to think symbolically and logically/ egocentrism/ can't master conservation problems
6 to 7 to 11 yrs. can't think abstractly
concrete operational
11yrs upward / ability to think abstractly and hypothetically
formal operational
What type of mouse has a low metabolism, overeats and becomes extremely fat?
OB mouse
If Ob mice are given what? their metabolic rates and body temperatures rise?
daily injections of Leptin
Development of motor skills requires what 2 ingredients?
Maturation of the child's nervous system and practice
what serves as the basis for children understanding current and future experiences?
ex:grasping objects or putting them into their mouths
What is the process by which new information is incorporated into existing schemas?
what is the process by which existing schemas are changed by new experiences?
What 4 stages are in Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development?
Sensorimotor, Preoperational,Concrete operational, and Formal Operation
a child's belief that others see the world in precisely the way he or she does?
What is the ability to realize that an object remains volume, mass, length, or number when it undergoes various transformations?
Grasp of conservation
What kind of cue causes a child to imagine doing something bad .. then stops them from actually doing it?
Anticipatory cue
Most people view was as the #1 thing of morality?
Law and Order
sometimes the law is wrong and when we recognize this it is called?
Social contract
When you apply lables to an individual they will act in ways that will fulfill that label this is called?
Self-fulfilling Processing
When people try to mask the expression of a strongly felt emotion, they usually are unable to do so compeltely
WHat theory says the feelings of emotion were relatively independent of the physiological and behavioral responses to emotion-arousing stimuli?
Cannon-Bard Theory
What is motivation?
affects nature, strength, and persistence of an individual's behavior
what is effected by reinforcement and punishment?
social response patterns are dependent on the?
Orbitofrontal cortex
determines which tests can be grouped together.
generates clues about the nature of intelligence, but is not a theory of intelligence
Factor Analysis
A type of informal learning that classifies figures or seeks patterns ina repeated series of items (a person's potential to learn and solve problems)
Fluid Intelligence
a school centered learning that a person develops through his or her fluid intelligence
Crystallisized Intelligence
objects cannot occupy same place at same time, moving objects move along a space-time continuum
Object Permanence
Watson and ramey used mobiles to demonstrate the importance of a responsive environment in promoting?
Cognitive Development
Other people are other cues to waht is important
Social Reference
the mother smiled they would go over the cliff but if the mother showed fear they wouldn't
Visual Cliff
Babies seek____ not just stimulatoin?
novelty and control
Emotional cues to safety, danger learning about the world from watching other people?
social referencing
prescribe the situations when we should or should at not display signs of particular emotions
Display Rules
an attempt to express an emotion that we do not actually feel
exaggerating or minimizing the expression of an emotion
attempting to hid expressive behavior
damage to the orbitofrontal cortex reduces inhibitions and self-concern. And they become indifferent to the consequences of their actions
orbitofrontal cortex
if the ____ is destroyed: animals no longer show signs of fear when confronted with stimuli that hav been paried with aversive events. In addition, they are tame when handled by humans
Emotional reactions have 3 components
behavioral, autonomic, and hormonal
Some skeptics called Cannon's explanation of hunger ?
The rumble theory
at what age is the superego created.. (an understanding of right and wrong)
all children dsire to be sexually intimate w/ opposite sex parent
child resolves desires through identification
by identifying you take on their qualities and superego
Oedible Complex
when you have an early attachment you automatically decrease?
any kind of sexual interest in another individual
hold out a temporary object to the child and tell them that they have to wait
delay of gratification
measure of stress that the mother and infant feel (cortisol levels go up)
Separation Anxiety
insures that the infant will be cared for, nurtured, and loved
attachment bond
in the face of threat females ?
seek support