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Applied Research
use what is learned to solve problems and improve life
Basic Research
to discover new knowledge and build upon existing info
Case Study
same person or same very small group observed/interviewed/tested over an extended period of time in order to provide detailed descriptions of a certain behavior or disorder
entire population may already be divided in a larger number if groups or clusters so a random sample of the cluster/group would be selected
group exposed to the same conditions as experimental without exposures to the I.V.
Culturally Encapsulated
When one becomes in self truth or the truth of the time

To cocoon yourself or resist need to change or evolve
Dependent Variables
Measured at the end of the experiment to see if it is varied as a result of the I.V. manipulation
Descriptive Research Method
Earliest stages of research(3)
a prediction about a possible cause/effect relationship
Independent Variable
variables that is manipulated to see if it causes a change
Is it a science?
A subject is a science if the scientific method is used to obtain knowledge, so yes.
Naturalistic Behavior
Observe natural behavior in Natural Settings "without" interfering
Entire group of people,animals,etc from which we want to collect data from
group of unit selected from the population which is studied in hopes of drawing conclusion about larger groups
Simple Random
Each individual is chosen entirely by chance and each has an equal chance of being included in the sample
it is possible that a population may have several subgroups so it is necessary to purposely take samples from each group to be included in the overall sample sample of the population.
Survey research
method to question or interview a sample group on order to gather information about a population
The Experimental Method
The only research methods that aims to uncover cause relationship
organizes many different/ separate existing facts into one framework in hopes of discovering new facts
What is Psychology?
The observation of behavior AND its connection to biological (predominantly mental) process