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How did psychology evolve?
physiology, philosophy

what is psychology?
the study of behavior and mental process
Who founded psychology?
William Wundt
Who opened the first psychology lab in 1879?
William Wundt
What is the first school of thought and who founded it?
Structuralism and Edward Titchener
What is introspect?
a process used by titchner to let subjects view simple stimuli and then try to reconstruct their sensations
Why didnt introspect work?
1st different subjects very different reports about same stimuli
2) could not be used to study children or animals
3) too complex , could not be investigated
What is functionalism?
streses the importance of behavior (functions) allow people and animals to adpat to their environments.
Who founded Functionalism?
William James
Who where the key people and Functionalism?
Stanley Hall-first psychology research lab in US
Mary Whiton- first female to earn degree in psychology and first female president of ASA
Margaret Washburn- first female to earn and be awarded PHD and second president of ASA.
Who is Sigmund Freid?
a physicain who founded the school of psychoanalysis., which emphasized the role of unconscious conflicts in determining behavior and personality.

What is Behaviorism?
emphasized the study of observable behaviors, pertaining to the process of learning!
Who where the 2 key people and behavirosm?
Ivan Pavlov- study on dogs sound of bel with automatic behavior
John B watson-founder of school of behaviorism
BF Skinner- used reinforcement or punishmment to shape behavior
What is Humanistic psychology?
conscious experiences
Who where leaders in Humanostic psychology?
Carl Rogers- conscious experiences study
Abraham Maslow- motivation emphasized growth
What are the major perspectives in psychology?
Biological,physical phases of and animal behavior
psychodynamic-unconscious influences
behavioral- acquired or modified by environment
cognitive-how people process and remember
cross-cultural- diversity
evolutionary-principles of evolution to explain psychological process.
what are the Specialties in psychology?
Biological-relationship between body and behavior
Cognitive- investigates mental process
Experimental- research focused sensory process.
Developnemtal-physical social, psychological changes
social-how people are affected by social
personality-examines individual
health- development prevention treatment of illness
educational- study people of all ages learn.
What ios the scientific method?
assumptions that guide researchers in creating questions to investigate.
What is the formula?
design a study and collect the data?
Analyze and draw a conclusion.
report findings.
What are some research methods?
case studies
correlation studies- strongly 2 variables are related.
correlation coefficient- numerical indicator
What is the experimantal method?
research method used to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between changes in one variable, and the effect it produces to another variable.
What is the APA?
The american psychological Association.