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A field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurable behaviors and not on mental processes
A specialist who tries to explain behavior in terms of biological factors, such as electrical and chemical activites in the nervous system, the effects of drugs and hormones, genetics, and evolutionary pressures
biopsychologist (or behavioral neuroscientist)
Someone with an advanceed degree in psychology, with a speciality in understanding and helping people with psychological problems
clinical psychologist
A person with a degree in social work instead of psychology, who helps people with psychological problems in ways similar to those of a clinical psychologist
clinical social worker
Thinking and acquiring knowledge
A specialist who studies thought processes and the acquisition of knowledge
cognitive psychologist
A specialist who compares different animal species
comparative psychologist
Someone trained to help people with educational, vocation, marriage, health-related, and other decisions
counseling psychologiest
The assumption that all behavior has a cause, or determinant, in the observable world
A speicalist who studies the behavioral capacities of different ages and how behavior changes with age
developmental psychologist
The view that the mind is seperate from the brain
A psychologist with engineering skills who works to facilitate the operation of machinery so that the average person can use it as efficiently and as safely as possible
ergonomist ( or human factos specialist)
One who tries to explain behavior in terms of the evolutionary history of the species, including reasons evolution might have favored a tendency to act in particular ways
evolutionary psychologist
One who provides advice and consultation to police, lawyers, courts, or other parts of the criminal justice system
forensic psychologist
The doctrine that behavior is caused by a person's independent decisions,not by external determinants
free will
An attempt to understand how mental processes produce useful behaviors (William James)
The psychological study of people at work
industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology
Looking within oneself
The study of how behavior depends on the outcomes of past behaviors and on current motivations
learning and motivaiton
The philosophical question of how the conscious mind is related to the physical nervous system, including the brain
mind-brain problem
The view that consciousness is inseperable from the physical brain
The question of the relative roles played by heredity (nature) and environment (nurture) in determining differences in behavior

How do differences in behavior relate to differences in heredity and environment?
nature-nurture issue
a branch of medicine that deals with emotional disturbances
A psychotherapist who relies heavily on the theories of Sigmund Freud
The systematic study of behavior and experience
The systematic study of behavior and experience
The mathematical description of the relationship between the physical properties of a stimulus and its perceived properties
psychophysical function
A specialist in the psychological condition of students
school psychologist
A specialist who studies how an individual influences others and is influenced by other people
social psychologist
An attempt to describe the structures that compose the mind