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the mental processes that enable us to retain and use information over time.
the process of transforming information into a form that can be entered into and retained by the memory system
the process of retaining information in memory s that it can be used at a later time
the process of recovering information stored in memory so that we are consciously aware of it
stage model of memory
a model describing memory as consisting of three distinct stages: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long term memory
sensory memory
the stage of memory that registers information from the environment and holds it for a very brief period of time
short-term memory
the active stage of memory in which information is stored for about 30 seconds
long-term memory
the stage of memory that represents the long-term storage of information
maintenance rehearsal
the mental or verbal repetition of information in order to maintain it beyond the usual 30-second duration of short term memory
increasing the amount of information that can be held by short-term memory by grouping related items together into a single unit
elaborative rehearsal
rehearsal that involves focusing the meaning of information to help encode and transfer it to long-term memory
procedural memory
category of long-term memory that includes memories of different skills, operations, and actions
episodic memory
category of long-term memory that includes memories of particular events
semantic memory
category of long-term memory that includes memories of general knowledge of facts, names, and concepts
explicit memory
information or knowledge that can be consciously recollected