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What do the fields of Social Psychology and Cultrual Psychology study?
The fields of social psychology and cultural psychology examine the powerful influence of the social and cultural environment on the actions of individuals and groups.
What are Norms?
Rules that regulate humanlife, including social conventions, explicit laws, and implicit cultural standards.
What are roles?
A given social position that is governed by a set of norms of proper behavior.
What do the results of the prison study and obedience study indicate about social roles?
When peple in the studies had to follow the legitimate orders of authority, most of them put their private values and personality traits aside.
How can the process of entrapment cause a person to behave in an unethical or immoral way?
The more the person gets into whatever they are doing, the feel obligated to do it after they have reached a certain point, which in turn can cause a person to act in an immoral way.
Attribution Theory?
The theory that people are motivated to explain their own and other's behavior by attributing causes of that behanior to a situation or dispostition.
Situational Attribution?
Identifying the cause of an action as something in the situation or environment outside yourself.
Dispositional attribution?
Identifying the cause of an action as something in the person, such as a triat or a motive.
Fundamental attribution error?
The tendency, in explaining other peopl'es behavior, to overestimate personality factors and underestimate the influence of the situation.
Self-serving bias?
the tendency, in explaining one's own behanior, to take credit for one's good actions and rationalize one's mistake.
Just-world hypothesis?
The notion that many people nee to believe that the world is fair and that justice is served; that bad people are punished and good people rewarded.
What are the results of Solomon Asch's studies?
First, asch wanted to know what people would do when a group unanimously contradicted an obvious fact. He found that when people made the lie comparisos on their own, they were almost always accurate, but in the group, only 20 percen tof the students remained completely independent on every trial, and often they apologized for not agreeing with the group. One-thrid conformed to the group's incoreect decision more than half the time, and the rest conformed at least some of the time.
What are some reasons why people may conform in a group?
Some do so because they identify with group members and want to be like them...

Some want to be like and know that disagreeing with a group can make them unpopular.

PISS; popularity, indentify, superior knowledge, self-interets

Some believe the group has knowledge that is superior to their own.

Out of self interest. ex; the get promoted, win votes..