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what is psychology?
who was the founder?
the science of behaviors and mental processes.
--wilhelm wundt
what is structuralism?
who was the founder?
early study of psych based on studying basic structures of conscious experience (the mind)
--edward b. titchener
what is functionalism?
who was the founder?
early study of psych studying the function of behavior and mental experiences (function of the mind)
--william james
what is psychoanalysis?
who was the founder?
studying unconscious factors in personality and behavior (based on sexual and agressive tendencies)
--sigmund freud
what is behaviorism?
who was the founder?
theory that emphasize studying of observable behaviors (learning process)
--john b. watson
---ivan pavlov
what is humanistic psychology?
who was the founder?
theory that emphasize each person's unique potential for psychological growth.
--carl rogers
what are the goals of psychology?
4-control --modify/optimize
What are the 5 steps of the scientific method?
1-state the problem
2-form a hypothesis to be tested
3-design a study / collect data
4-analyze data / draw conclusions
5-report findings
List 7 ways to collect data
2-case study
3-observations: naturalistic/organized
4-correlational study
6-analyze data/draw conclusions
7-report findings