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What is a common, everyday event, even minor stressors or hassles can be problematic
What of stress are higyly subjective
Major types of stress include
frustraion, conflict, change, and pressure
What occurs when an obstacle prevents one from attaining some goal
There are three types of conflicts
approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, and approach-avoidance
Social Readjustment Rating Scale
Two kinds of pressure
perform and conform
Three types of Emotional reactions to anger
anger, fear, and sadness
Physiological arousal in reponse to stress was originally called
fight or flight
Fight or flight was introduced by
Selys's general adaptation syndrome describes three stages of physiological reactions to stress
alarm, resistance, and exhaution
Actions along two major pathways in response to stress
catecholamines and corticosteroids into bloodstreams
What protect against emotional distress through self-deception
Defense mechanisms
Positive effects of stress
stimulating personal growth, acquisition new strength
What has been implicated as a contributing cause of coronary heart disease
Type A personality
Hostility may be the toxic element of __
Type A syndrome
Transient emotional stress identified as the cause of
Cardiovascular risk
Stress can temporarily suppress the effectiveness of __
Immune system
__ and __ may lead to more effective coping with stress
Optimism and Conscientiousness
Health imparing Behaviors include
Smoking, Poor nutrions, HID/AIDS
Poor nutritions lead to __,__, and __
Heart disease, hypertension, and cancer
Alcohol and drugs lead to __,__
Overdose, long-term risk
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
__ing physical symptoms may result in delay of needed medical treatment
__ with medicald advice is a major problem
Four improvments can be helpful in managing the stress of daily life
Action-oriented, realistic, constructive coping
Who emphasizes the importance of reappraising stressful events to detect and dispute catastrophic thinking
Albert Ellis
__ may be useful in efforts to redefine stressful situation
Who developed a scale to show that simple hassles may have significant harmful effects on mental and physical health
Richard Lazarus
Who decided to call nonspecific response to a variety of noxious agents
Hans Selye
Who define a human tendency to become highly self-critical in response to stress
Albert Ellis
Who reviewed that "positive illusions" may be adaptive for mental health and well-being.
Sheely Taylor
Who studied pessimistic expalnatory style and optimistic explanatory style
Martin Seligman
Exhaustion, cynicism, and Self efficacy
What involves enduring psychological disturbances attribiting to the previous tramatic event
Posttraumatic stress disorder