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Cognitive Approach
approach emphasizes mental processes involved in attention, perception, thinking, and problem solving.
describe the basic elements or “structures” of mental processes; Introspection
studies the functions of mind and behavior in adapting to the environment.
Behavioral Approach
emphasizes the scientific study of behavior and environmental determinants. It focuses on interactions with the environment that can be seen and measured.
Psychodynamic Approach
emphasizes unconscious thought, conflict between biological instincts and society’s demands, and early family experiences.
Behavioral Neuroscience Approach
the physical characteristics of the brain and nervous system are central to our understanding of behavior, thought, and emotion.
The Evolutionary Psychology Approach
emphasizes the importance of adaptation, reproduction, and “survival of the fittest” in explaining behavior.
Sociocultural Approach
approach emphasizes social and cultural influence on behavior.
Humanistic Approach
approach emphasizes individual’s capacities for positive growth and freedom to choose their own destiny.