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a breif shift to the brain-wave patterns of sleep (brief naps, highway trance)
bad dreams that occur during REM
restless movements in the leg muscles which disturbs sleep
What are the two basic parts of sleep?
REM(rapid eye movement) which occurs in stage 1. REM is hypothesized to be brain-based, while NREM is body-based. NREM occurs in stages 2,3, and 4.
an altered state of consciousness characterized by narrowed attention and increased suggestibility.
waking consciousness
a sate of normal, alert awareness
a staste of mental awareness of sensations, feelings, perceptions, and memories
Sleep deprivation
being deprived of needed amounts of sleep
Sleep dprivation psychosis
a major disruption of mental and emotional functioning brought about by sleep loss
essential for life, and healthy functioning. Average person will spend about 25 yrs of their life sleeping.
REM behavior disorder
a failure of normal muscule paralysis, leading to violent actions during REM sleep
sudden, irresistible sleep attack which may range from 1-30 minutes, may occur while the sufferer is standing, walking, or driving.
Night terrors
bad dreams which occur in NREM. Person will probably not remember the dream, but may act it out.
Sleep apnea
occurs when breathing stops for 20 secs. or more, until the sufferer wakes
Altered state of consciousness
a condition of awareness distinctly different in quality or pattern from waking consciousness (drugs,highway trance, etc.)
difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep