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What is the pns and its responsibilties?
-peripherial nervous system
-relays sensory info to CNS
-has sensory and motor pathways (afferents --> input efferents -->output)
What are the components of the Cortex
valleys and sulci
moutains are Gyri
Composed of 4 lobes (frontal; parietal; occipital, temporal)
What is the anatomy of the brain?
*Spinal Chord
*Medulla: heart rate/breathing
*pons: bridge to the cerebellum
*midbrain: defensive behavior/motor control
-thalamus = relay system
-hypothalamus = stress/sexual
*limbic system: memory/emotion
cortex: right/left hemisphere
~limbic system
Ventricular System: CSF
Basal Ganglia
What are glial cells?
-hold neurons together
-provides nutrients
-works as a blood barrior
-cause of brain tumors when they grow too much
-3 types: astrocyte; micoglia; schwann
What is the purpose of myelin
-provide insulation
-loss of myelin reults in Multiple Sclerosis