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disorders caused by combo. of interacting biological, psychological, and sociocultrual factors.
Biopsycholosocial model
thinking patterns are disruptive
difficulty achieveing family, social, and work-related roles
impaired functioning
disorders are seen as reflecting problems in anatomy and chemistry of any biological process
neurobiological model
mental disorders are from psychological processes
psychological model
looking at mental disorders in gender, age, ethnicity, and social factors
socialcultural model
Psychological disorders arising from combo. of stress to trigger symptoms
disthesis-stress approach
intense feelings of apprehension are disruptive
anxiety disorders
a fear of an object that does not justify a reaction
involve fear and avoidance of specific stimuli and situations
specific phobia
strong fears of social situations
social phobias
a fear of being away from home
anxiety that isn't focused on any object
generalized anxiety disorder
anxiety disorder- invoving panic attacks
panic disorder
anxiety disorder-repetive urges to perform certain rituals
psychological problems, symptoms of a physical disorder without a physical cause
Somatoform disorder
symptoms of sensory or motor failure without a physical cause
conversion disorder
person reports having more than one identity
unjustified fear of physical illness
person expirences extreme moods, like depression
Mood disorders
numerous physical complaints without verifable physical illness
somatization disoder
person feels sad and hopeless for weeks or months
major depressive disorder
marked by complaints of severe pain with no physical cause
pain disorder
false beliefs
disruptions in a person memory, consciousness, or idenity
Dissociative disorder
mild depression that lasts for at least 2 years
dysthymic disorder
a sudden loss of memory and the assumptions of a new identity in a new locale
Dissociative fugue
a very active, usually elated emotional state
sudden loss of memory
Dissosociative amnesia
person alternates between deep depression and mania
Bipolar I disorder
comparatively mild mood swings
cyclothymic disorder
long standing, inflexable ways of behaving that create problems
personality disorder
severe patterns of sidtrubed thinking, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors
impulses, selfish, even criminal behavior
antisocial personality disorder
a symptom, people percieve voices when their are none
problems involving use of psychoactive drugs for months
substance-related disorders
schizophrenic symptoms of disorganized thoughts
positive symptoms
development of a physical need a psychoactive drugs
schizophrenic symptoms such as; sense of pleasure, lack of speech
negitive symptoms
a pattern of drinking that may lead to addition and almost always caused social and physical problems