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the philosophy of monism states that behavior has
physical causes only
the philosophy of dualism states that behavior has
both physical and spiritual causes
research psychologists typically
collect direct measurements of behavior which they use to understand mental events
according to the gene selection theory, helping behavior (altruism) should occur if
relatives are being helped
according to the gene selection theory, which of the following forms of domestic violence is most likely
a man assaulting his wife
according to gene selection theory, male mammals should be more upset by their partner mating with others (sexual cheating) compared with female mammals. Why
because males cannot be sure that offspring are their own
what best describes the difference between males and females across different species (mammals, birds, fish, etc.)?
individual females have lower reproductive potential than individual males
Darwin had four basic observations that lead to the conclusion that there is evolution through natural selection.

1. there is individual variation
2. offspring resemble parents
3. populations tend to remain stable
4. organisms overreproduce

which two observations lead to the conclusion that there is natural selection?
3. populations tend to remain stable
4. organisms overreproduce
1. there is individual variation
2. offspring resemble parents
3. populations tend to remain stable
4. organisms overreproduce

Which two lead to the further conclusion that species evolve or change over time?
1. there is individual variation
2. offspring resemble parents
in evolutionary theory, the "fittest" individual is the one which
has the most offspring
if you wanted to argue that human altruism goes beyond what evolutionary theory predicts, what would you point out?
altruism is frequently based on abstract moral principles
what do animals seem to use as a method of kin recognition
treat animals you grew up with as relatives
in many insect species, males stay in contact with females following mating which allows the females to eat them. why do they do this instead of runnning away when mating is complete?
because males are preventing other males from mating with the female
adoption studies and studies of twins have generally led to what conclusion
genetic factors play a larger role in behavior than parenting influences
an electrical charge of ___ represents the firing threshold
a charge of ___ represents the resting potential
a charge of __ represents the action potential
the myelin sheath
allows action potentials to travel more quickly
sender is to receiver as
axon is to dendrite
the sodium-potassium pump helps to "reset" the neuron after an action potential by
pulling positive potassium ions into the cell while pumping positive sodium ions out
a neurotransmitter that causes an INHIBITORY post-synatic potential
hyperpolarizes the receiving neuron
a neurotransmitter that causes an EXCITATORY post-synaptic potential
depolarizes the receiving neuron
according to the "all-or-none law" of neuron activity
an action potential either occurs or does not occur, there is no "partial action potential"
the drug reserpine causes vesicles in the pre-synaptic terminals to leak. this causes
less neurotransmitter to be released
heroin and alcohol increase dopamine release in the pleasure center by
attaching to receptors on GABA neurons and inhibiting release of GABA
if a given drug blocked neurotransmitter reuptake, this would cause
neurotransmitters to sit in the synapse longer
when rats take drugs, or have sex, or receive pleasurable electrical brain stimulation, what neurotransmitter seems to be released
a patient with damage to Broca's area will primarily show
difficulties in producing fluent speech - speech is coherent but halting
a studying showed that as a male rat went through a mating sequence (seeing a female, approaching a female, mating with the female), his neurotransmitter levels in the pleasure center
gradually rose throughout the sequence of behaviors