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definition of psychology
the science of behavior and mental processes and the profession that applies this knowledge to practical problems
what are the goals of psychology? and scientific psychology? explain behavior and thinking
2.explain: why do humans behave the way they do? why are pple reacting violently?
3.cause and effect
4.develope applications to help pple
what is the assumption of determinism?
the idea that every action that happens is a result of some prior cause or set of causes
what are the seven key themes in psychology?
1.psychology is empirical (knowledge should be acquired through observation)
2.psychology is theoretically diverse
3.psychology evolves in a sociohistorical context
4.bahavior is determined by multiple causes
5.behavior is shaped by cultural heritage
6.heredity and environment jointly influence behavior
7.pple's expirience of the world is highly subjective
what are the features of the SQ3R method of studying?
survey-b4 you read the chapter glance at the topic headings, if u know where the chapter is going then you're more apt to understand and organize the info
Question-after looking it over , go through one section at a time, take the heading and convert it into a question, this helps id the main ideas
Read- read the chapter
Recite-recite the ansewer to the question that was asked earlier and write down main ideas
Review-after reading the chapter, refresh your memory by going over the key points again
what is the rational behind SQ3R method?
to make you active while you are reading, and make you gfive more of an effort, make it so you're not just zipping through
definition of expirement
controlled study of the effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable