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Define Psychology
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
Who was the founder of Structuralism?
Edward B. Titchener
Define Structuralism:
Early school of psychology that emphasized studing the most basic components, or structures, of conscious experiences.
Introspection<br /><br />
This school died out after his death
Who was Wilhelm Wundt?
German physiologist credited as being the founder of psychology as an experimental science.
When and where did Wilhelm Wundt open the first psychology research labratory?
In 1879 in Leipzig, Germany
Who opened the first psychology research labratory?
Wilhelm Wundt
Who was the founder of Functionalism?
William James
Who was William James?
The founder of Functionalism
Who wrote the "Principles of Psychology?"
William James
Define Functionalism
Early school of psychology that emphasized studying the purpose, or function, of behavior and mental experiences.
Allows people and animals to adapt to their environment.
What is Psychoanalysis?
Personality theory and form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role of unconscious factors in personality and behavior.
Who was the first American woman to earn an official Ph.D. in psychology?
Margaret Floy Washburn
Who wrote "The Animal Mind?"
Margaret Floy Washburn
Who became the first woman president of the American Pschological Association?
Mary Whiton Calkins
What did G. Stanley Hall do?
He established the first psychology research laboratory in the United States and founded the American Psychological Association
Where was Sigmund Freud from?
Vienna, Austria
Who was the founder of Psychoanalysis?
Sigmund Freud
Who was the founder of Behaviorism?
John B. Watson