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Primary functions of the cerebellum
Allows the body to execute smooth movements and regulates muscle and posture
What are the crucial functions handled by the brainstem?
Medulla, Reticular Formation, Pons
3 things
What are the neurons and what are it's 3 parts?
A cell that conducts impules through the nervous system Cell body, Dendrites, and Axon
What's a Glutamate
Primary excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain
What's a GABA
Main inhibitory neurotransmitter
What's a Serotonin
Plays an important part in regulating mood, sleep, aggresion, impulsivity, and appetite
What's a Norepinephrine
Affecting eating and sleep
What are some of the ways neurotransmitters affest behavior and what are some of the major neurotransmitter?
Regulates the actions of glands and muscles. Affects learning and memory
what are Neurotransmitters and what role do they play in the transmission of signals from one nueron to another?
One or more large groups of chemical substances that help messages transmit between nuerons.
How do nuerons communicate? How do they send and recieve their messages?
Cells in the brain, spinal cord, and muscles generate electrical potentials these tiny electric charges play a part in all bodily functions
What is a Synaptic Cleft?
Tiny fluid filled gaps that seperate axon terminals from recieving nuerons
What is a Synapse?
The juction where axon terminal of a sending nueron communications with a recieving nueron across the synaptic cleft.
The lobes of the brain
Frontal - Motor
Parietal - Touch
Occipital - Vision
Temporal - Auditory
What is Consciousness
Awareness of one's own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and external enviroment
What is Psychology
The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
What is the main advantage of the experimental method
The only research that can identify with cause - effect relationships
What is the difference between the independent variable and the depenpendent variable
Independent - equal to the treatment
Dependent - The result
How does the experimental group differ from the control group
Experimental uses idependent variable (treatment)
Control is not exposed to the treatment
What is selection bias and what techniques do researchers use to control for it
The assignment of participants to experimental and control groups in such a way that systematic differences among the groups are present at the beginning

Random assignment
Plays a role in learning, memory, and rapid eye movements (REM) sleep and causes the skeletal muscle fibers to contract
What is the placebo effect and how do researchers control for it?
When a person's response to a treatment or reponse on the dependent variable in an experiment is due to expectations regarding the treatment rather than to the treatment itself. Placebo
What is the correlatonal method and when is it used?
A research method used to establish the degree of relationship between two characteristics, events or behaviors.

Predicting the probable performance of a group
What does reliability mean?
Constantly fin nearly the same results upon re-testing
What does validity mean?
Test ability to measure what it's suppose to measure
What does replication mean?
What is it done in research?
Repeating a study with different participants and perferably a different investigation to verify research finding.

To verify researcg findings.
What is meta-analysis?
A complex statistical technique used to combine the results from many studies on the same topic in order to determine the degree to which a hypothesis can be suported
Is the diversity of the us population reflected in psychological research?
No cause of where the research is done.
White middle class male college students
What is the scientific method?
What's its purpose?
Orderly, systematic procedures that researchers follow.

Identify a research problem. design a study to investigate the problem, collect and analyze date, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings.
Is Psychology science or common sense?
Has this always been the case?
A science cause of the scientific method and no this hasn't.
What is a theory?
A general principle or set of principles proposed to explain how a number of seperate facts are related.
what is a naturalistic observation and what are some of it's benefitss and limitations?
Observe and record behavior in a natural setting without attempting to influence or control it.
Benefits - Study behavior in normal settings
Limitations - Researchers must wait for events to occur
What are 4 goals of psychology?
Description - describing something
Explanation - why something occured
Prediction - specify the conditions under which a behavior or events is likely to occur.
Control - prevents unwanted occurances or to bring about desired outcomes
What is the case study method and for what purposes is it well suited
One or more people are studied in great depth over a long period of time.

Studying people who have uncommon psychological or physiological disorders or brain injuries.
Maintains all bodily functions excpet bood pressure, heat rythm, and breathing
Realy station for information flowing into and out of hiher brian centers.
Production of language, regulates sleep patterns
Glial Cells
Specialized cells in the brain and spinal cord that form the myelin sheath and perform many other important functions
Chemicals produced naturally by the brain that reduces pain and positively affects mood
What are the 2 parts of the nervous system
Central Nervous System
Peripheral nervous system
Left hemishere
Controls the right side of the body
Helps with Logic, language
Right Hemisphere
Controls movement and feeling on the left side of the body

Creativity and intuition
Visual spatial tasks